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Battle royal over bicycles: Hillcrest vs. Mission Hills

SAN DIEGO, California – It’s Hillcrest vs. Mission Hills in a battle royal.

San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has long been trying to finalize plans for the Uptown Regional Bike Corridors Project, but the proposed closure of the eastbound off-ramp from Washington Street to University Avenue is provoking tension between the surrounding communities.

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#FilmOutSD: Dustin Hoffman's "Tootsie" gets an encore

SAN DIEGO, California -- Dustin Hoffman scored a runaway hit comedy when "Tootsie" came out in 1982.

He played a talented actor named Michael Dorsey with a reputation for being difficult to work with, which made him a persona non grata who couldn't find roles as a result. His solution? He became an "actress" named Dorothy Michaels, lands a key role on a soap opera, and becomes a star.

Hoffman was surrounded by a glittering supporting cast that included Jessica Lange, Teri Garr, Dabney Coleman, Charles Durning, Geena Davis (in her acting debut) and Bill Murray.

Todd Gloria's reign as City Council president is over

SAN DIEGO, California -- Although as Interim Mayor he led San Diego through a leadership crisis following Mayor Bob Filner's resignation over a sex scandal, City Council President Todd Gloria today was ousted from his leadership role.

Backed unanimously by the Republican minority, Councilmember Sherri Lightner was elected as the new City Council President by a 7-2 vote.

Kevin L. Faulconer, the Republican mayor, sent his best wishes to Lightner and thanked Gloria for his service.

SDGLN Poll: Do you save for retirement?

SAN DIEGO, California – Readers of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News who took our poll last week overwhelmingly say they are saving for retirement.

Our poll question was: Do you save for retirement?

The results, which are not scientific, reveal that 71% of readers say yes they are saving for retirement and 29% say no they are not.

Hillcrest residents warned of car break-ins

SAN DIEGO, California -- San Diego police are warning people living in Hillcrest to be on the lookout for someone breaking into cars after a series of car burglaries have been reported.

Uptown Villa resident Michael Kisler told NBC 7 he’s lived in the complex for two years and never had a problem until recently when the complex’s security gate stopped functioning properly.

“That left it wide open for anybody to come in and out and take whatever they want," Kisler said.

Kisler says a few months ago, his car, as well as several others, were broken into.

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Heat Bar & Kitchen's new mixologist is raising spirits

SAN DIEGO, California -- Tending bar doesn’t necessarily mean one is a bartender, and mixing drinks doesn't necessarily mean one is a mixologist. Ryan Andrews can tell you the difference because he considers himself both a bartender and a mixologist.

Recently nominated as the Most Appreciated Bartender in America, Andrews opens up about his life, his work and what it takes to create a signature cocktail in an interview with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News.

Johnathan Hale saves little dog from the pound

SAN DIEGO, California -- Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale saved a little dog from going to the pound on Wednesday, and her owner is very grateful.

Hale said he noticed a Yorkshire terrier named Sesame tied to a railing outside Baja Betty's, sitting in the light rain, just as a parking-enforcement officer was calling the pound to come and collect the pet. The officer was having a parked car with an expired registration towed.

San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria may be facing a revolt

SAN DIEGO, California -- Most San Diegans know Todd Gloria as the young, energetic Council President who stepped in and eased a tumultuous period in the city's history, taking over as Interim Mayor in the wake of Bob Filner's resignation.

But now, the popular Council President, responsible for getting the gears of City Hall to turn again and for colorful, bureaucratic phrases like "sexy streets," is facing removal from the top spot on the council, which gets to set the agenda for what comes before the legislative body.

Laugh fest as Neil Simon's "Murder By Death" returns to big screen in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, California -- FilmOut San Diego and Diversionary Theatre this week will co-present Robert Moore’s hilarious film adaptation of Neil Simon’s “Murder By Death” (1976).

The comedic spoof of the world's best-known murder mysteries will be shown at 7 pm Wednesday at the Hillcrest Landmark Cinema.

SDGLN Poll: Should LGBT immigrants be treated differently?

SAN DIEGO, California – Readers of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News who took our poll last week contemplate the LGBT immigration issue.

Our poll question was: Should LGBT immigrants be treated differently?

The results, which are not scientific, reveal that 50% of readers say no, 42% say "yes, if they come from anti-gay countries" and 8% say "yes, unconditionally."

The new SDGLN Poll question asks readers: Do you save for retirement?

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