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A Victorious Day for Historic Preservation in Uptown

San Diego’s Historic Resource Board (HRB) held a very long monthly meeting Friday afternoon that included decisions regarding three important Uptown properties under review for demolition or historic designation.

Wall Street Firm Upgrades City’s Redevelopment Bonds

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has upgraded the ratings for several bonds issued by the city’s redevelopment agency to pay for projects in Horton Plaza and other parts of downtown.

ElderHelp Seeks 2009 Holiday Angels

There are many ways to help the Holiday Angels spread holiday cheer. By volunteering, donating or delivered gifts you are sure to feel the holiday spirit and warmth of knowing you did something special and brought happiness to lonely homebound seniors.

SDSU Protesters Rally Against Budget Cuts, Forced Furloughs

The California State University, California University and California Community Colleges systems have been plagued by budget cuts that have impacted enrollment and class sizes, and forced professors into furloughs.

First Annual My Patriot's Pride a Success

About three dozen people gathered in Oceanside on Saturday for the first annual My Patriot's Pride. The purpose of the event was to honor LGBT veterans.