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Green Tip of the Week: Splitting food is good for waistline, landfills

Going out to eat with a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, your partner or your spouse?

Next time you go out, keep in mind that the average restaurant’s food portion is 60% larger than what you’d typically serve yourself at home.

Now why not take the opportunity to share the joy of eating out with a friend and split an entree? It’s more than likely that you’ll both be pleasantly full when you’re through, and your calorie count and wallet with thank you.

An added plus? You’ll be less likely to take home leftovers, using one less takeout box (which are usually Styrofoam – taking more than 5,000 years to decompose) and one less plate.

Who would have thought that less really IS more!

Leonardo Caion-Demaestri was born and raised in Brazil, and now makes San Diego his home. He is a practicing architect, student and professor who will be sharing his knowledge and interest in art, architecture and sustainable living practices to show readers the lifestyle of the future while being socially and environmentally conscious. E-mail him at leonardo.caiondemaestri@gmail.com.