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Green Tip of the Week: Eat your greens!

You may drink green one day out of the year, but what about eating green?

Consider going vegetarian for one day per week to up your green and reduce your impact on the environment.

One-third of all fossil fuels produced in the United States go toward animal agriculture, so switching to a meat-free diet can help reduce the load, even if only for the day.

Still not convinced? Eating vegetables can also reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer while helping you lose weight.

Regardless of whether you’ve got the Luck o’ the Irish, load up your plate with greens and feel good about reducing your impact. One green at a time!

Leonardo Caion-Demaestri was born and raised in Brazil, and now makes San Diego his home. He is a practicing architect, student and professor who will be sharing his knowledge and interest in art, architecture and sustainable living practices to show readers the lifestyle of the future while being socially and environmentally conscious. E-mail him at leonardo.caiondemaestri@gmail.com.