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Heart & Soul: If not for Judas

If we allow ourselves to look at the whole picture, we can see that whatever happened resulted in something so much better.

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RGOD2: Easter reflections on effects of Christian militancy on LGBT people

The invitation of the passion story is to ask ourselves: Where are we? Where am I in this story? Am I one with the crucified, or am I participating in the crucifying? Is my savior the Warrior King or the Suffering Servant?

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Life Matters: Get yourself together first

As we draw closer to Easter Sunday, I wonder have we really done some spiritual work that has bettered our lives. I hear people blaming and judging others all the time.

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RGOD2: The two faces of the World Bank,“gayzing” in the right direction

Change appears to be in the wind at the World Bank, which could be good news in the fight to end global poverty.

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Heart & Soul: Waiting for spring

No matter how bleak winter looks, spring always comes. It does in nature, and it will in your life as well.

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