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RGOD2: Why silence is golden for LGBT people in Tanzania and Zanzibar

Guest columnist Bryan Weiner writes about his experiences and his attempt to connect with the LGBT community and understand the context for LGBT rights in Tanzania.

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RGOD2: Making sense (and cents) in the global AIDS epidemic

Your sense (and cents) can help grassroots groups caring for the LGBT community in countries that are anti-gay.

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Hedy's Hints: How to protect your home during the summer

Ensure that your home is safe during these high-risk months. With a few simple steps and measures, you can ensure that your home is protected and safe from burglaries, allowing you to fully enjoy the beautiful summer months without worry!

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Business profile: Willmore Law Firm in San Diego

When you work with Joseph Willmore, he will help you understand the many aspects of your case, from court hearings to court filings, legal analysis, negotiation, and possibly, trial. There are innumerable decisions that need to be made promptly and accurately which is why hiring a dedicated and experienced attorney is so very important.

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RGOD2: How a piggery in remote Uganda is changing LGBT lives trapped in poverty

Grassroots organizations like Youth on the Rock Foundation hold the solutions to the issues the HIV/AIDS experts grapple with, and our personal donations can make a huge difference.

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