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Delaware celebrates first same-sex civil unions

Two women became the first couple in Delaware joined in a same-sex, civil-union ceremony during a stirring and historic service at their Wilmington church Sunday afternoon.

Johnny Weir tweets: “I’m married!”

On New Year’s Eve, former Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir excitedly told his Twitter followers that he got hitched to his boyfriend Victor Voronov.

Trans View: Is LGBT transforming into "Alphabet Soup"?

A large percentage of "Main Street America" currently does not even understand the differences between sex, gender and sexual orientation, so the expansion of additional letters to the acronym only helps to dilute our unity and message.

LGBT quotes for the year 2011

Everyone has an opinion. Here is a formidable list of quotable quotes referencing the LGBT community in 2011.

UPDATE: Candye Kane's autobiographical stage play returns for short run

The "99 % true, stranger-than-fiction" musical stage-play story of the local blues and jazz phenomenon is coming back to The Moxie for just a short two-week run, January 5 - 15. True fans of the Oceanside resident won't want to miss this run.

Sara Gilbert admits Linda Perry is her new beau

The former star of Roseanne admitted this morning on the table-talk style show "The Talk," where she is a co-host, that her new relationship was outed by paparazzi over the weekend. Gilbert's relationship to Allison Adler, ended in August. They have two children.

Business Profile: HELP is only a quick phone call away

Only a few decades ago, people with mental illnesses like alcoholism or depression were handed over to the state for care and there was a stigma associated with mental health issues. Today, the stigmas are gone and HELP is here to work with people suffering through a variety of mental health concerns, in the privacy and comfort of their own home.