For All

GoGirlsMusicFest descends upon North Park tonight

The first 100 attendees to the festival tonight will get a variety of cool prizes as they come through the door. GoGirlsMusicFest donates to end sexual slavery and trafficking.

Aunt Johnny: Campaign strategies make poor nap fellows

The infamous rabble-rousing, martini-drinking social-empire-of-one attempts to strategize a presidential bid for his best friend and alibi, Betty White, while misfit mutts and snoring celebrities are creating quite the distraction.

The importance of Zachary Quinto

James Mason tells us why the LGBT community needs to actively support the Star Trek star's continued success.


Aunt Johnny returns to the scene with yet another hilarious romp with his BFF Betty White, as the two attempt to entertain those troublesome Bachmann's with a bratwurst or two, all male social networks and a bit of college history.

QueerVentures: Finally -- gay movie worth seeing – “Weekend”

“Weekend” helps redefine the possibility of being okay with momentary encounters, casual sex, and possible heartbreak. It makes you believe again in fun, human, same-sex encounters without boundaries.

The Blogoweet: One straight man's blog on same-sex marriage could change the world, one state at a time

Eric wrote a blog today, one that is already starting to attract a lot of attention. He is uptight and angry that his hometown state of North Carolina is messing with the rights of LGBT same-sex couples there. He was so angry he even added a pie-chart to his blog entry -- so you know he means business. But when you read his blog entry, you won't feel that anger, you will only feel compassion and understanding, and hopefully learn a lesson or two.