Benjamin Nicholls

Letter to the editor: Benjamin Nicholls on HBA controversy

Dear Editor,

I write to set the record straight with facts about the recent transition in staff management at the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA). It is unfortunate that a disgruntled former staff member has joined with two long-time detractors of the association to actively seek to undermine an organization that is doing such positive work on behalf of Hillcrest.

Hillcrest Business Association welcomes new executive director and board members

(Editor's note: This article was originally published on SDGLN media partner San Diego Uptown News).

SAN DIEGO -- Benjamin Nicholls, outgoing executive director of the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA), chose the organization’s annual meeting and elections on Tuesday, Oct. 8 as his final act. The event was held at Heat Bar & Kitchen, located at 3797 Park Blvd. in Hillcrest.

Hillcrest Business Association seeks new executive director

SAN DIEGO -- Following Executive Director Benjamin Nicholls’ announcement that he will be leaving the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA), the non-profit, business-services organization announced an open call for applicants to fill the position.

Nicholls, who has been with the HBA for five years, will be taking a position at McFarlane Promotions, Inc. in Downtown. His last day with the HBA is planned for Oct. 8, the day of the HBA annual meeting where new members are voted in to serve on the board. The organization plans to officially announce its new executive director on that date.

TONIGHT: Hillcrest Town Council to discuss UCSD Health Care and the homeless

SAN DIEGO -- Tonight, join the Hillcrest Town Council as we have some great presentations from some great locals.

This month, we're excited to welcome Marina Baroff, Associate Administrator at UC San Diego Health System, and Karen Mitchell, Emergency Department Case Manager. Together, they're going to be discussing how UCSD is unveiling plans to improve the way they handle emergency department discharges of homeless patients.

Leave your mark on Pride Park!

SAN DIEGO -- A community fundraising effort is in full swing to make the LGBT historical monument planned for the base of the Hillcrest Pride Flag a reality.

The effort is aimed at making sure that any community member who wishes to "leave their mark" on the park is able to do so with donation levels starting at $100.

HBA Beautification Committee seeks public input

(This post originally appeared HERE in San Diego Uptown News.)

Hillcrest Business Association Executive Director Benjamin Nicholls and the organization’s Beautification Committee are organizing a community walkabout, in part to gain feedback from residents and business owners on potential projects for the committee.

The walkabout will take place Thursday, April 18 at 5 pm.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More on Hillcrest Mardi Gras

"The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) board of directors recently voted to conclude its work on Hillcrest Mardi Gras. Hillcrest Mardi Gras has been a collaborative event produced by many volunteers and community groups. The HBA and the Greater San Diego Business Association Foundation (GSDBAF) have been two of the prominent players in producing this event. By stepping out of this event the HBA also is stepping away from the many disputes that have surrounded the event.

Hillcrest Business Association won't produce Mardi Gras in 2013

SAN DIEGO -- At its December meeting, the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) board of directors voted to not produce Hillcrest Mardi Gras in 2013.

The popular event, which attracts thousands of partiers to a Fat Tuesday street party at University Avenue and Fourth Avenue, has been jointly produced by the HBA and the Greater San Diego Business Association Foundation (GSDBAF) for the past 12 years. The two groups jointly own the event.

Final Hillcrest Town Council meeting of the year

SAN DIEGO -- The last monthly Hillcrest Town Council (HTC) meeting for 2012 will be held tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 6:30 pm. Residents and other interested individuals are encouraged to attend.

The meeting will include a number of presentations, including updates from representatives of local government offices. Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of the representatives and share issues of concern.

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Rich's legend Nicholas "DJ Nikno" Moede wants to take a bite out of the Big Apple

SAN DIEGO -- They say it's never too late to follow your dreams, and Nicholas Moede, popular owner of Rich's nightclub and longtime LGBT activist, will leave San Diego this month to pursue schooling in music production.

Moede, who has owned Rich's for seven years and is known by many of his friends and fans as "DJ Nikno," will be heading to New York City to see where a career in the music business might take him.

While some have wondered what will happen to the nightclub after Moede's departure, he said that there is no reason to worry as he will continue to be the owner.