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Chris Tina Bruce

VIDEO: Transgender Chris Tina Bruce to make bodybuilding history this weekend in San Diego

Local personal fitness trainer and nutritional consultant Chris Tina Bruce will be the first transgender participant in a bodybuilding competition this weekend. She will also be the first person to have ever competed as both a man and a woman and says due to the way bodybuilding is run, she has no advantage.

Trans Fit: Breakfast = break the fast

Chris Tina explains how breakfast got its name and why it really is the "most important meal of the day."

Trans Fit: Ten ways to battle those lingering ten pounds

Those last ten pounds are sticking to you like glue and short of a hunger-strike; you don't know what your next move should be to rid yourself of them. I have the solution that adds up to blasting those ten pounds and keeping them away, never to bother you again!

Trans Fit: Beware of food labels

Chris Tina covers all the familiar claims you will find (but usually don't understand) on every day food packages found at the grocery store.

Trans Fit: CHRIS is a healthier way of life

The human body is the ultimate machine, as it will adapt to any change we thrust upon it. This adaption is the biggest obstacle in creating a new healthier you. Check out the five tenets of the CHRIS system.

Trans Fit: Abs are MADE in the kitchen

Almost every person has a "great set of abs" hiding beneath a smooth layer of fat. Chris Tina explains how you, too, can chisel away and reveal those amazing, hidden abs.