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David Muscat

Musings with Muscat: Are you prepared?

If the unthinkable were to happen to you today, would your family be taken care of, tomorrow?

Musings with Muscat: Bah Humbugs and holiday safety

Who are you during the holidays? Do you get caught up in the joy of them all or are you Scrooge? How do you respond to those who use the holidays as a time of thievery? David has some tips for finding the joy and staying safe.

Musing with Muscat: Holiday reflections with community all around us

Our city may be a great deal larger than my small little midwest town, but I see the same warmth and generosity as I walk down our streets, whether out at a restaurant in Hillcrest, shopping North Park, exploring the coast in North County, or hitting the hills of Julian for a day of hiking.

Musings with Muscat: Community life in North Park

I am not alone in choosing North Park as my community, and like so many, I have also made North Park my main stomping grounds for great restaurants, art galleries, craft brewers, gyms, health services, our farmers market, and more.