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Dirty Cleats: Analysis and predictions for Super Bowl Sunday

The big day is almost upon us. After analyzing the Patriots and the Giants all season long, who does Jana think will walk away with that coveted Vince Lombardi trophy? Will the Patriots get revenge on the Giants from four years ago? Will Eli finally prove he is the most underrated quarterback in the league?

Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Championship Weekend

Jana will be in the stands this weekend for one of the two big games the season has now paired itself down to. Here she offers up her analysis and picks for this weekend's Championship series.

Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Divisional Round

With the tight match-ups this week, Jana has called for two upsets. Will one of them be decided by a "higher power"? Who will make it into the championship weekend with an eye on the Super Bowl?

Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Wild Card Weekend

Jana wrapped up regular season play with a 166-88 record. That's a better record than some of the better-known coaches this season. This week she gives her predictions for the Wild Card games.

Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Week Seventeen

Jana wraps up the final week of regular season play with her predictions on some must-win games, two games that may mean a first round draft pick, a couple games that don't mean squat, and exactly who she thinks will get all those seeds.

Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Week Sixteen

What is Jana's upset of the week? Will she choose the Chargers over the Lions? The Dolphins over the Patriots? Maybe the Falcons over the Saints? Tune in to see her picks as the season still continues to prove that it is anyone's game.

Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Week Fourteen

The Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers are the only two teams that have clinched a playoff spot thus far. After this week, which teams will be out for good, and which teams will remain hopeful? Will the Chargers stay alive in the West?

Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Week Thirteen

This week, Jana believes things will start to spice up as there are tight races in the NFC East, NFC South AFC West, and AFC North. No surprise here, but she also says the Packers could clinch a playoff spot with a win this week. Does she think the Dolphins can top the Raiders?

Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Week Twelve

Will the Pack remain undefeated against a solid Lions team that seems to come back no matter how many points they are down? In light of the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of my readers. You have no idea how thankful I am for each one of you. Please feel free to tell me what you think this week and every week. ALL feedback is read by me.