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Trans Fit: Happy, healthy holiday eating

While the holidays can be hectic, it is important to eat at normal mealtimes. Don’t try to "make up" for bad eating by skimping at breakfast or lunch.

Trans Fit: The lowdown on artificial sweeteners

Do you use artificial sweetners? Which color is your favorite? Ever wonder what the benefits or safety issues really are?

Trans Fit: Be Eggstravagant!

This week Chris gives you the skinny on all things egg-tastic.

Trans Fit: Breakfast = break the fast

Chris Tina explains how breakfast got its name and why it really is the "most important meal of the day."

Trans Fit: Ten ways to battle those lingering ten pounds

Those last ten pounds are sticking to you like glue and short of a hunger-strike; you don't know what your next move should be to rid yourself of them. I have the solution that adds up to blasting those ten pounds and keeping them away, never to bother you again!

Trans Fit: Beware of food labels

Chris Tina covers all the familiar claims you will find (but usually don't understand) on every day food packages found at the grocery store.