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Fernando Lopez

SD Pride Parade is the largest single-day civic event

The mayor said San Diego is coming off the best tourism year ever and these two events continually offer the best the city has to offer.

San Diego Pride Parade draws more people than Comic-Con each year and generates millions of dollars to the local economy. The parade sees an estimated 200,000 people; Comic-Con, 135,000. 

Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer and other community leaders including Councilmember Chris Ward discussed how these two major annual events are important for the city’s economy.

Pride to honor origins with Spirit of Stonewall Rally in Hillcrest

 Dr. Delores Jacobs will be recognized as a Champion of Pride.

San Diego Pride is proud to announce the 2017 recipients of the Spirit of Stonewall Awards. Pride annually accepts nominations from the community to recognize individuals, organizations, and groups who have contributed significantly to the LGBT community through their leadership, activism, and fundraising efforts.

New study finds: 'straight acting' gays have more privilege, less homophobia

Award winning study finds "straight acting" men have more privilege.

A European study released today claims that “straight acting” men are less likely to experience homophobia than their “feminine acting” counterparts.

In fact, those polled who proclaimed themselves to be straight acting (56-percent) said they did not experience any negative interactions, while 25-percent who do not identify with that term say they have suffered homophobia in school.

COMMENTARY: Until all of us are equal …

As we just passed Martin Luther King Day, I wish that we could all reflect back on the 50 years since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 45 years since the Stonewall Riots and see the connective threads and shared experiences of our movements.

The San Diego LGBT Community Center stands strong after 40 years

For 40 years, The San Diego LGBT Community Center has served the community. With humble beginnings, it is now one of the largest such centers in the nation - and it will celebrate its four decades on Saturday.