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Business profile: Surrogacy service changes everything for same-sex couples

SAN DIEGO, California -- Lilly Frost is the co-founder of Surrogacy Beyond Borders, an affordable program which uses surrogates from Mexico to keep costs low for same-sex couples who want to build a family, but might find other agencies too expensive.

Her agency works with the world renowned San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC) to help gay and lesbian couples realize their dreams of having a family of their own.

Meet the same-gender couples who sued N.C. for marriage equality and adoption rights

Six same-sex couples are suing the state of North Carolina and Durham and Guilford county court officials as they seek to overturn the state Supreme Court's 2010 ban on second-parent adoptions and the state's prohibition on gay marriage.

They are being represented by the American Civil Liberties Union and ACLU of North Carolina Legal Foundation.

The second-parent adoption case, Fisher-Borne v. Smith, was filed in Greensboro last year and amended this summer to include a challenge to the gay marriage ban.

Here, the families speak about their lives and the lawsuit.

"It's A Witch Hunt" - Proposal to confiscate children stokes fear among Russian LGBTs

When Sasha understood that she was a lesbian, she knew many challenges lay ahead for her in Russia.

But nothing prepared the young woman for the possibility of social services taking her child away.

A new bill, however, could soon make this a reality for the estimated 2 million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Russians who the authorities believe are raising children.

"I'm scared," says Sasha, who lives in St. Petersburg with her longtime partner, Marina, and Marina's 3-year-old biological son. "I'm scared our family will be violated."

World’s largest study on gay parents finds the kids are more than all right

According to preliminary findings from the world’s largest study on the issue, the children of gay parents are doing equally well or better than the children of straight parents on a number of key health and well-being indicators. (Not that it’s a competition or anything!)

HRC: By insulting same-sex parents, NOM hits new low

WASHINGTON – Brian Brown, president of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, hit a new low Wednesday, responding to the passage of a marriage equality bill in the Rhode Island state Senate by proclaiming:

"It's bad enough when families break down through divorce or death, but it's unconscionable when a state encourages this through policies that deprive children of the love of both a mother and a father. This is a very sad day for Rhode Island."

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Kansas sues lesbian couple’s sperm donor for child support

TOPEKA, Kan. — A man who donated his sperm to a lesbian couple is now being sued for child support by the Kansas Department of Children and Families.

According to legal filings, in 2009 William Marotta answered an ad on Craigslist posted by Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner, a lesbian couple in Topeka, who were offering $50 per sperm donation.

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Discriminatory laws and policies harm children of LGBT parents, new study finds

WASHINGTON -- The latest in a series of groundbreaking reports shows how children are suffering because of laws and policies intended to hurt LGBT Americans.

Strengthening Economic Security for Children Living in LGBT Families describes how antiquated and discriminatory laws increase poverty for children with LGBT parents, and can be especially harmful for children living in low-income households.

Gay families more accepted than single moms, study shows

PALM SPRINGS -- When Steve Pougnet was sworn in as mayor of Palm Springs, Calif., in 2007, his husband, Christopher Green, was at his side. In Pougnet's arms was his then 2-year-old son, Beckham, while Green held the other twin, Julia.

It was a moment neither man could have imagined possible when they met 19 years ago. Even then, they knew they someday wanted to have children, but they didn’t know if it would be possible and couldn’t be sure how their family would be viewed if they did.