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Second Gay Pride parade held in Uganda

The country’s second gay pride parade, held on a sandy beach in Entebbe, drew over a hundred people eager to tell the world that they are out, they are proud and they are not afraid to show it.

After the Arab Spring, no bloom for Arab LGBT rights

Even as many Americans celebrate last week’s Supreme Court decision on gay marriage and Gay Pride parades sweep through cities across America, gay and lesbian Arabs are forced to live secret lives.

Gay imam spreads the good news | VIDEO

"The best thing was to just come out and be authentic - even if it means the world is going to kill you, but at least you die an authentic person.”

Public faces: The gay rights movement's key advantage

In the cascade of comparisons made recently between abortion and same-sex marriage — and the specter of a political backlash arising from a Supreme Court ruling advancing gay marriage — one glaring distinction between the two issues has been largely overlooked by prognosticators: the power of coming out.