Hillcrest cyberbully worries local Grindr users

Hillcrest Grindr user "Hung Top" is accused of harassing people who won't respond to him on hookup apps.

Some users of hookup apps Grindr and Scruff in Hillcrest are getting disturbing messages from a man who allegedly bullies them unmercifully if they deny his advances.

San Diego - Tijuana border: Dating apps and international hook-ups

Love won't make traffic go any faster into Tijuana.But dating apps might make it easier to find it there.

Gay dating and hook-up apps are the modern way to meet people for potential relationships or something far less complicated.

Living in San Diego so close to the Mexican border can appease appetites for those who wish to have a more international affair.

Grindr crosses over into the fashion world

Grindr releases new clothing line called "Grindr Varsity."

The popular hook-up app Grindr is taking their brand into the fashion world.

On Friday the company announced a collection they are calling “Grindr Varsity.”

The clothing is for the athletic male and is primarily made up of shorts and tanks, offering a small selection of jackets and accessories.

Meet Joel Simkhai, the founder of Grindr

Founder and CEO of the social phenomenon, Joel Simkhai, never expected Grindr to be such a success. Born in Israel, raised in New York and now living in Los Angeles, Simkhai first got the idea for Grindr as a way for him to meet guys — simple as that.

Ex-gay blogger Matt Moore can’t resist Grindr

Matt Moore, a blogger at the Christian Post who has written extensively about his experiences with homosexuality and his ultimate decision to leave that “lifestyle,” has been spotted on the gay hook-up site Grindr.

QueerVentures: How is your Grindr life?

New York City and San Diego are clearly on opposite ends of the United States, but both are rather progressive cities and filled with gay men. Thomas, an avid Grindr user, decided to see what social differences he could find with regards to the use of Grindr in those two cities.