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Extreme Hillcrest tree pruning wasn't approved by the City

Part of what makes Hillcrest such a comforting place is the landscaped trees that line the streets throughout the district.

But one tree along University Avenue may have been trimmed more than it should, and the City isn’t sure who did it.

Watching over diversity: A brief history of the 'Hillcrest' sign

The Hillcrest sign has been a welcoming salutation to the neighborhood for almost 80 years.

The Hillcrest sign which greets visitors into the neighborhood high above the intersection of Fifth and University has been a beacon of diversity since it was first erected in 1940.

It was a gift from local women shopkeepers.

The Pride divide: an exclusive look inside the San Diego Pride committee meetings

Some heated discussions at the Pride Board meeting.

There seems to be a thorn in what is supposed be a smooth stem of communication between the San Diego Pride Board and a public committee put in place to exchange ideas.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News got exclusive access to the mediations through a committee member and some of the topics conferred are both surprising and questionable.