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Escape room game 'Lockdown' coming to Hillcrest

Las Vegas escape-the-room franchise coming to Hillcrest

The old Obelisk Mercantile which was open for business in Hillcrest for over 20 years closed it’s doors for good in July 2015, but a new sign reading only “Lockdown" has appeared over its entranceway causing many to wonder what it is. 

Uptown Community Plan update approved

Approval of the Uptown Community Plan could mean the end of shuttered Pernicano's.

The update to the Uptown Community Plan got approved by The City Council and that could mean some changes are coming to Hillcrest and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Downzone Uptown? San Diego Planning Commission says ‘no’

The San Diego Planning Commission on Thursday rejected a plan to decrease housing density in parts of Hillcrest, Bankers Hill and Mission Hills, signaling an appetite for urbanizing the neighborhoods and adding more housing units.

Vandal goes on windshield-smashing rampage in Hillcrest this afternoon

Multiple cars parked along University were damaged when a man began smashing windshields with a rock.

Many vehicles were damaged this afternoon when a vandal began smashing the windshields of parked cars at the 900 block of University Avenue in Hillcrest.

The suspect, Owen McHugh, a man police describe as being in his 30’s, approximately 5’10” with a thin build, was located immediately after officers arrived on the scene.

The 'hidden Mickeys' of Hillcrest, Doron Rosenthal's 'Fossils Exposed'

Artist Doron Rosenthal's art installation around Hillcrest consists of 150 different conceptualized fossils.

If you have ever been to Disneyland, you may have played the game "Find the Hidden Mickey," but did you know that there is an art installation in Hillcrest over a mile long in which you can do almost same thing?

Although you won't find the signature silhouette of iconic mouse ears, what you will find is a collection of tiny conceptualized fossils embedded in the ground. 

Have your say at tonight's Hillcrest Town Council Community Meeting

The main topic of tonight's Hillcrest Town Council will focus on hearing from residents and what concerns they have about the neighborhood and what issues should be prioritized. The meeting begins at 6:30 pm at the Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest.

Check out the meeting agenda below.

6:30 PM — Public Representatives

Police taze man acting erratically on Hillcrest overpass

Man on Hillcrest bridge taunts police before they taze him.

HILLCREST - On Tuesday night a man was seen hanging over a bridge in Hillcrest taunting police officers before they used a stun gun to control him.

It happened on Washington Street at 6th Avenue reports ABC 10, high above Highway 163.