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Gay teen sues school for failing to protect him from bullies

An openly gay Indiana teen, who was expelled from school earlier this year because he brought a stun gun to school to ward off bullies, has filed a lawsuit claiming the school district did nothing to prevent the “relentless, severe harassment.”

Homophobic pastor convicted of masturbating in public

A prominent Louisiana-based Christian pastor known for his anti-gay stance is convicted of obscenity after being caught masturbating at a public park near a children's playground last year.

Federal grand jury indicts FRC gunman

A Virginia man who entered the the lobby of the conservative anti-gay group, the Family Research Council, on August 15 and shot a security guard, was indicted Wednesday on federal charges related to the incident.

Gay rights debate in Germany goes nuclear

This week in Germany, the debate on gay rights explodes after a conservative politician and a commentator for the country's largest newspaper make controversial comments that denigrate the LGBT community.

GOP platform cuts gay rights in military

President Obama's expansion of gay rights in the military, including on-base same sex marriage and wearing uniforms in gay pride parades, would be radically yanked back in a Mitt Romney administration, according to Republican platform positions taking shape in Tampa and OK'd by the candidate.