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Artist creates a visual obituary of celebrity deaths in 2016

U.K. artist Chris Barker pays tribute to those we lost in 2016.

The Grim Reaper played havoc on 2016, taking swipes with his scythe at many of pop culture’s most recognized celebrities, especially music icons who seemed to be his prime targets.

Artist Chris Barker wanted to pay tribute to those that Death managed to abscond with and created an image reminiscent of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover.

CNN suspends Roland Martin for Super Bowl tweets

CNN suspends Roland Martin because of his controversial posts on Twitter, considered by some to encourage violence against the LGBT community.

The relationship between faith and marriage equality

Through all of these conversations about LGBT equality and marriage, religion is playing a prominent role. When the movement toward marriage equality started, people of faith were portrayed by the media as being entirely and unilaterally opposed. But as the conversation has continued, and as more and more people have cited their faith as a reason they support their LGBT friends, neighbors and family members, that perspective is starting to change.