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Jean Lowerison

Theater Review: “God Of Carnage"

Kudos to director Jessica Bird and her artistic and tech team: costume designer Elisa Benzoni, Blake McCarty’s sound design and Sherrice Mojgani’s lighting.

Why is it so much fun watching “civilized” people behave badly? We could debate the psychology for years, but it’s more fun just to watch the veneer peel off and the true “Neanderthal” nature come through.

Theater Review: “November”

Greg McAfee as President Charles HP Smith and Rhiannon McAfee as Clarice Bernstein

U.S. President Charles H.P. Smith (Greg McAfee) is about to lose his re-election bid. His numbers have dropped “lower than Gandhi’s cholesterol” and he needs money for his presidential library, even if it’s too late for the campaign.

“What is it about me that people don’t like?” he asks adviser Archer Brown (Dave Hibler)

Theater Review: “Seven Guitars” and “King Hedley II”

Laurence Brown, Grandison Phelps III, Yolanda Franklin

Dreams persist, though life is hardscrabble and largely disappointing for the people in August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle, a group of ten plays progressing chronologically about the residents of the broken-down Hill District community where life sometimes hangs by a thread.

Theater Review: "Lizard Boy: the Musical"

From the Seattle Repertory Theatre production of Lizard Boy by Justin Huertas.

And now for something completely different....

A small cast delivers big audience satisfaction in the quirky “Lizard Boy, the Musical,” playing through Oct. 30 at Diversionary Theatre.

It’s a story like no other, in a show the likes of which I’m sure you’ve never seen. In any case, I can almost guarantee you’ll like it.

Theater Review: "The Lion"

Benjamin Scheuer wrote and stars in The Lion

This is the story of a boy, his father and the music that both bound and separated them.

It all started with the gift of a “Cookie-tin Banjo” from his guitar-playing dad, who could have been a musician himself but instead became a mathematician and academic. 

Theater Review: "October Sky"

Kevin Depinet’s set is varied, much of it is movable and scenes are often changed at the drop of a scrim or a light cue.

I was in high school when the Russians sent Sputnik skyward and changed the course of history, triggering the Space Race. I remember the fear, excitement and near hysteria it caused – and the sudden decision of San Diego High School to teach Russian in the next year.

Theater Review: 'Manifest Destinitis'

Leave it to Culture Clash’s Herbert Siguenza – an old friend of, and now Playwright-in-Residence at San Diego Repertory Theatre – to put a cockeyed spin on everything he writes or performs.

Theater Review: "Sweet Charity"

"Sweet Charity" now playing at the Welk Resort San Diego

“Sweet Charity” is a musical with a good pedigree and a good-hearted heroine. Neil Simon wrote the book, Cy Coleman the songs and Dorothy Fields the lyrics; the whole is adapted from the Fellini film “Nights of Cabiria.”

The musical doesn’t have much to say (except, perhaps, that people can always be counted on to disappoint).

Theater Review: "Cabaret"

Randy Harrison as the Master of Ceremonies in "Cabaret," stopping in San Diego on its national Broadway tour.

"Leave your troubles outside,” says the Emcee (Randy Harrison). “We have no troubles here.”

If only.

It’s 1929 in Berlin, a chaotic, decadent time when alcohol, drugs and sex may not have been free but were certainly easy to come by.

In the seedy Kit Kat Klub, you could watch girls dance or perhaps (for a price) get more familiar with them. 

Theater Review: "Love’s Labor’s Lost"

Amy Blackman as Maria, Pascale Armand as Rosaline, Kevin Cahoon as Boyet, Kristen Connolly as Princess of France, and Talley Beth Gale as Katherine in William Shakespeare's "Love's Labor's Lost."

Ah, what could be better on a warm summer night than romance and Shakespearean silliness?

Okay, it wasn’t that warm, but the Old Globe Shakespeare Festival offers a charming version of “Love’s Labor’s Lost” through Sept. 18 at the Lloyd Davies Festival Theatre.