Johnathan Hale

Johnathan Hale and Carl DeMaio wed in Oceanside

On Saturday April 25, surrounded by their immediate family, SDGLN publisher Johnathan Hale married his longtime partner Carl DeMaio near the Oceanside pier, in Oceanside California. The date has a special place in their hearts, as it is also the sixth anniversary of their meeting.

The ceremony was officiated by Senior Pastor Richard McCullen of Mission Gathering Church.

Johnathan and Carl will host their reception at Wang’s in North Park on May 9th for friends and colleagues.

Johnathan Hale saves little dog from the pound

SAN DIEGO, California -- Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale saved a little dog from going to the pound on Wednesday, and her owner is very grateful.

Hale said he noticed a Yorkshire terrier named Sesame tied to a railing outside Baja Betty's, sitting in the light rain, just as a parking-enforcement officer was calling the pound to come and collect the pet. The officer was having a parked car with an expired registration towed.

Commentary: Who's telling the truth at LGBT Weekly?

SAN DIEGO, California -- A casual reader of LGBT Weekly this week would get two starkly contrasting views on congressional candidate Carl DeMaio.

Publisher Stampp Corbin portends to climb into "DeMaio's political mind" and concocts a fantasy of a candidate who would do anything to "win at any cost." Corbin makes some outrageous allegations against DeMaio, none of which are sourced or referenced or proven by the facts.

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Peters vs. DeMaio: "One of the biggest slugfests of all time"

In less than three months, voters will decide whether Rep. Scott Peters (D-San Diego) will continue to represent the 52nd congressional district or whether former San Diego Councilman and Republican candidate Carl DeMaio should replace him.

The most recent poll numbers show the freshman congressman is trailing his opponent by 7%, kicking off the mudslinging portion of the electoral process.

Nicole Murray Ramirez blasts Scott Peters and Susan Atkins

(Editor's note: Stampp Corbin, publisher of San Diego LGBT Weekly, a misnamed publication that hasn't published weekly in a long time, sent a threatening email to Johnathan Hale, publisher of SDGLN, because SDGLN shared five paragraphs from a recent column by Nicole Murray Ramirez.

SDPIX celebrates 12 years, with party planned Saturday at Rich's

SAN DIEGO, California -- As the story goes, it all started with a man and his camera.

Johnathan Hale, publisher of Hale Media, started his company with San Diego Pix (SDPIX) 12 years ago - with just a digital camera and a big idea.

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Carl DeMaio ad breaks ground, as first to feature gay partner | VIDEO

SAN DIEGO -- Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio continues to push the envelope within a Republican Party divided over gay rights and marriage equality, and today his campaign debuts a slick new ad that includes a controversial shot of him holding hands with his partner as they march in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade in 2012.

Mardi Gras celebration in Hillcrest to continue this year

SAN DIEGO – The popular Mardi Gras celebration in Hillcrest will continue this year, following much confusion last year about the fate of the event.

The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) will produce the event with proceeds being split between neighborhood beautification projects and the GSDBA Chartiable Foundation's student scholarship fund.

A tradition that dates back 12 years, HBA said it hopes to bring new and exciting elements to this year's Mardi Gras celebration.

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What's going on with the Hillcrest Pride Flag?

SAN DIEGO -- Several community members on Monday night wondered why the rainbow flag on the Hillcrest Pride Flag pole did not look right. The rainbow flag, which had been taken down yesterday so the American flag could be flown in honor of Veterans Day, was inadvertently placed on the pole upside down when replaced last night.

While there is said to be no "right side up" to the rainbow flag, traditionally most organizations fly the flag with the red stripe on top.

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SDGLN celebrates 4 years and launches GLBTNN

SAN DIEGO -- Four years ago, SDGLN Publisher Johnathan Hale brought together a small team to help him create a new publication that would change the local LGBT media landscape. The group dreamed, brainstormed and then executed their vision to create what is now known as San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, or SDGLN.