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Lambda Legal

Federal lawsuit filed against NJ Catholic hospital: Denied care to transgender man

Federal lawsuit filed against St. Josephs for refusal of service to transgender man.

(NEWARK, NJ, January 5, 2017) – Today Lambda Legal announced it has filed a federal lawsuit against St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Paterson, New Jersey, after the hospital refused to allow Jionni Conforti’s surgeon to perform a routine hysterectomy because Jionni is transgender.

Governor Pat McCrory's executive order a 'poor effort,' says ACLU

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory makes an executive order against anti-LGBT law, but it is very limited.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory made an executive order today changing some of the measures provided in the anti-LGBT law, HB 2.  

The order clarifies that LGBT state employees, and only state employees,  will be legally exempt from discriminatory actions, or prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

But some advocacy organizations say it is too little.

Board of Immigration Appeals rejects ruling based on coming-out stereotypes

The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) has reversed an Immigration Judge's ruling that denied a Jamaican immigrant's application for protection under the U.N. Convention Against Torture (CAT) against being sent to Jamaica, and remanded the case back to the immigration court for further review.