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LGBT sports

LGBT Sports Profile: Jennine Estes - trapeze trickster

Estes has found that her unique sport of choice takes her a world away from the emotional grind she often finds in her therapy practice and offers her ways to learn and grow personally, every day.

LGBT Sports Profile: Seth Silvernail

Silvernail loves local sports, his community and the huge stretches of open grass in Balboa Park. Check out a few things you didn't know about him and what local charity he thinks deserves recognition.

LGBT Sports Profile: Russ Fox -- king of the slopes

Meet the San Diegan who has organized annual trips for local snowbound travelers for the last 15 years and has attended just about every gay ski travel week around the globe there is.

Telluride Gay Ski Week to celebrate repeal of DADT

Reichen Lehmkuhl will host a special "Do Ask, Do Tell" dance party and active service members will have VIP passes for the entire week. Also, check out the local San Diego ski and snow board club that's planning a trip.

SDAFFL 2012: They're baaack

With the 2012 season just a few weeks away, and the Draft Party this weekend, SDAFFL Commissioner Mike Paganelli promises an even bigger and better season, with a repeat performance in Denver for Gay Bowl XII. If you haven't already, there may still be time to sign up.

Dirty Cleats: Analysis and predictions for Super Bowl Sunday

The big day is almost upon us. After analyzing the Patriots and the Giants all season long, who does Jana think will walk away with that coveted Vince Lombardi trophy? Will the Patriots get revenge on the Giants from four years ago? Will Eli finally prove he is the most underrated quarterback in the league?

Pat Griffin's LGBT Sport Blog: Power, Penn State and Joe Paterno

It is difficult to reconcile the Joe Paterno who was king of Penn State with the Joe Paterno who claimed he didn’t know what to do when he learned in 2002 about the allegations against Jerry Sandusky. Joe Paterno always knew what to do. Joe Paterno was never reluctant to use his power to get what he wanted.