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LGBT advocate Barrett L. Brick dies at age 59

Barrett L. Brick, a government lawyer and gay rights advocate who successfully campaigned to include anti-homosexual violence as a staple of the State Department’s annual human rights report, died Sept. 22 in Bethesda, Md.

Openly gay man says Christmas attack was a hate crime

An openly gay East Baltimore resident who was severely beaten Christmas night told police investigators that he believed that he was attacked because he is gay.

Maryland trolley business opts out of weddings to avoid same-sex couples

The owner of Annapolis' iconic old-fashioned trolleys that are often synonymous with the city's wedding scene, said he is abandoning the wedding industry, rather than be forced to serve same-sex couples when Marylard's marriage equality law takes effect next month.

Donors supporting marriage equality in 2012 overwhelmed those who opposed it

Pro-equality groups raised more than $34 million in the four states, mostly from small donors. Anti-marriage equality campaigns raised $12 million, of which nearly two-thirds ($8 million) came from just three sources: the National Organization for Marriage, the Catholic Church and its affiliate the Knights of Columbus.

Gay weddings start in Washington state

One of the state’s more famous gay couples – Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller – got married on Sunday and held their “Big Gay Wedding Reception” at Q Nightclub and collected “suggested donations” to support Freedom to Marry organization.