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McDonalds' Pride sleeves on fries angers web evangelist

The release of the rainbow colored containers has stricken a nerve with web-evangelist Joshua Feuerstein.

McDonalds, one of the biggest fast food chains in the world has given their famous French fries a Pride makeover in honor of National Equality March in Washington DC this month and one conservative social media blogger is salty over the project.

Anti-Trump McTweet posted by hackers, not company

A tweet posted on McDonald's corporate account was the result of hacking.

A McDonalds anti-Trump tweet sent throughout the twitter-verse was done by hackers says the company. 

The fast-food chain confirmed on Thursday that someone had hacked into their corporate account and made an entry unbeknownst to them.

The words in the post, since deleted, said Trump was a “disgusting excuse of a President,” and wished Barack Obama would come back.