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Mexican rock band Molotov to remove anti-gay slur from track

Popular Mexican rock band Molotov's has decided to remove the anti-gay slur "maricón" from its 1997 song "Puto" during this summer's Jägermeister Music Tour.

Immigration Court urged not to deport HIV-positive man convicted in sting

"A host of researchers, public health authorities, and epidemiological studies have determined that absent a number of extenuating circumstances, HIV transmission via oral sex is generally impossible, especially when the HIV-positive individual is the one performing oral sex."

COMMENTARY: Mexico sets the tone on hate speech

Mexico's Supreme Court rules that homophobic slurs are not legally protected in the country's constitution as freedom of speech and says that any citizen offended by these words now could seek redress by suing for moral damages.

Mexico begins accepting gay blood donations

New blood donation regulations screening donors based on sexual history rather than sexual orientation have been implemented in Mexico, making it the first country in North America to end its ban on men who have sex with men donating blood.

Uruguay ready to say "I do" to marriage equality

Marriage equality is all but certain in the South American nation of Uruguay after the lower house of Congress late Tuesday voted 81-6 in favor of a bill that would grant the same rights to same-sex couples that are enjoyed by straight couples.