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Katie Sowers is first out lesbian coach in NFL

Katie Sowers becomes the first out coach for a pro football team.

Katie Sowers, assistant coach for the San Francisco 49ers has made history.

This season she will not only become the NFL’s second full-time assistant female coach, she will also become the first openly gay pro team coach, male or female.

Michael Sam gets into a verbal spar outside West Hollywood bar

Michael Sam gets into a verbal spar outside West Hollywood nightclub.

Former football star Michael Sam went out on the town in West Hollywood on Tuesday night, but his night ended with a heated verbal altercation with another man in the streets after leaving a club.

TMZ reports that the exchange happened outside of Bootsy Bellows as Sam and a man in a white shirt began to yell at each other for reasons that are still unclear.

Arizona Cardinals look at Michael Sam as OLB possibility

With the Arizona Cardinals looking to upgrade their pass rush, particularly from the outside linebacker position, they are reportedly going to take a look at a player who will draw some buzz -- the openly gay Michael Sam.

NFL promises to protect players who come out

With talk of several professional football players coming out in the near future, the NFL has agreed to protect gay players from harassment and discrimination.