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In Northern Cyprus, more gays are arrested for homosexuality

Northern Cyprus LGBT group Initiative Against Homophobia reports that three more men have been arrested for homosexuality.

The three were charged with “relations against nature” 14 October.

In July, two were charged with 'unnatural intercourse', which carries a five year imprisonment term.

Did the UN just get a LGBT rights concession from Uganda?

Since the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process began in 2007 at the Human Rights Council at the United Nations it has both forced governments to defend their polices as well as actually causing them to change them.

The current UPR session has already seen two countries agree to decriminalize homosexuality.

Leaked cable shows limits of State Department's reporting of LGBT issues abroad

Issues with relying on the US State Department for a accurate take on LGBT life in particular countries have been highlighted in the reporting of Daniel Berhane, the self described 'leading blog in Ethiopia.

He has found a leaked Cable (here's the cable) from US Embassy Addis Ababa, dated Dec. 30,2009. It claims that:

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One transgender person murdered worldwide every other day, figures show

The Network of Sex Workers in Latin America and the Caribbean reported 28 August another murder of  a trans Mexican sex worker. Elisarraráz Carmela Mendez, secretary of the Monarchs Civil Liberty Organization of Michoacan, was found at 5am at the Imperial Hotel in Morelia, Michoacan, west of Mexico City.

A gay divorce catches attention of Kenyans

The London gay wedding of Kenyan men Charles Ngengi and Daniel Chege Gichia sent shock waves throughout Kenya. There was outright and widespread condemnation of their marriage in Kenyan media through October 2009. And the pair were described as "the accidental gay rights trailblazers."

Europe's "last dictator" can't pronounce "homosexuality"

The Belarussian gay website gayby reports that Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenkо - who has been described as "Europe's last dictator" - was unable to pronounce the word homosexuality on the first try at a 7 October press conference with Russian journalists.

They say:

Seychelles to decriminalize homosexuality, other countries say no and not yet

The African country of The Seychelles has agreed to decriminalise homosexuality. The agreement is part of the country's feedback to the United Nations Human Rights Council as part of the Universal Periodic Review process.

In Ghana, LGBT people come out as civil society abandons them

Fed up with both day after day of nasty newspaper headlines and one civil society leader after another abandoning them, last Friday Accra's gay community came out, one-by-one, at a major "straight" forum.

Ghanian blogger Graham Knight described the collective coming out as "remarkable."

As LGBT bar closes in Kampala, Uganda tells UN that gays "recruit"

Uganda's only LGBT bar, Sappho Islands, closed Sunday night with the landlady saying, according to activist Frank Mugisha (who has just won another human rights award) that the "bar brings people who look strange".

Activist Kasha Jacqueline said on Facebook that she was "heartbroken".

In Zimbabwe, bizarre story of Mugabe supporting "gay" journalist leads to "sex audit" call

The latest reported escape from censure of a reportedly gay journalist working for Zimbabwe's government media has led to a call for a 'sex audit' by an opposition, diaspora website.