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WeHo residents speak up with concerns about LA Pride

West Hollywood residents voiced concerns Wednesday over the amount of alcohol consumed at LA Pride, the admission price to the event’s festival, the quality of entertainment and the selection of the parade’s grand marshal during a town-hall meeting about the annual gay pride celebration.

Scott Herman's Getting Fit VIDEO: Biceps!

The kind of soreness you feel in your muscles after thick-bar training is that DEEP muscle destruction sensation that lasts 2 – 4 days.

Anti-gay rant earns Aussie footballer a big social media backlash

For comparing homosexuality to alcoholism and labeling the alternative lifestyle as equal to spiritual disease and demonic, Newcastle Knights NRL footballer Ryan Stig is harvesting a social media backlash.

Jim Winsor’s Out & About: More Halloweening in Hillcrest

While it felt like last weekend was Halloween, today is the actual holiday! There are dozens of events going on around town tonight and Jim Winsor shares the hottest ones!

Meet LGBT History Month icons John Lawrence and Tyron Garner | VIDEO

John Lawrence and Tyron Garner were defendants in the landmark Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas in which laws prohibiting same-sex sodomy were declared unconstitutional. The 2003 decision, based on the right to privacy, legalized consensual same-sex intimacy.