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Sandy Chase

The BeanScene: Meet the Fockers, lezzie-style!

Sandy shares some stories of meeting the girlfriend's family for the first time, and gives you some fun ways to start out your December!

The BeanScene: Turkey Day Drama!

This week, Sandy talks about Thanksgiving drama at the dinner table and all the ways you can relax this weekend post-Turkey Day stress!

The BeanScene: Tegan and Sara return the favor!

Sandy recaps Tegan and Sara's Q & A following their film premiere in Los Angeles this week and gives you a few ways to spend your time this weekend!

The BeanScene: Music super fans, unite!

Sandy talks artistic obsession as she prepares to trek to L.A. for Tegan and Sara's first release in two and a half years!

The BeanScene: Friends don't f***!

Sandy discusses the "FWB" phenomenon and gives you the hook-up with details on the best events to hit this week!

The BeanScene: This is Halloween!

This week, Sandy features a quick interview with local artists from The Nauticals and tells you about all the best parties for the Halloween weekend!

The BeanScene: Lesbians love their cat videos!

Sandy, our local "les-be-an," talks about something odd being in the air as we get closer to the end of the month and offers up funny cat videos and the best places to see and be seen this whole coming week ahead!

The BeanScene: Taking a stab at lesbian labels

Sandy dishes on a controversial lesbian label, gives you the lowdown on all the best events taking place this weekend, and preps you for some out of town fun on the horizon.