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Jim Winsor’s Out & About: San Diego gay nightlife in coming weeks

This column will be on hiatus for a couple weeks, as today I am leaving on a trip to Europe for the Atlantis Mediterranean Cruise, followed by a visit to Spain for the Circuit Festival in Barcelona.

That being the case, here’s a few big events in San Diego to look out for in coming weeks while I’m away:

Friday, Aug. 8

Celebrating the Fourth of July

SAN DIEGO -- The staff members of Hale Media -- San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, GLBT News Network and SD PIX magazine -- wish you a very fun and safe Fourth of July holiday weekend.

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Gay Men's Sober Retreat 2014 mixes recovery and ropes courses

SAN DIEGO -- Gay Men’s Spiritual Retreat, a group founded in 1991, helps gay men reclaim their lives from the grips of alcoholism and addiction. Started by two men with similar interests in the outdoors and spirituality, GMSR’s welcoming, non-sectarian approach to recovery has been a cornerstone of countless men’s growth and well-being.

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FilmOutSD's Opening Night: “Boy Meets Girl” is not what you might expect

(Editor's note: SDGLN is featuring Q&A interviews with leading filmmakers from around the world who are participating in FilmOut San Diego's 16th annual LGBT Film Festival, running May 30 to June 1 at the historic North Park Theatre. Follow SDGLN for all the news about one of the top LGBT film festivals in the U.S.)

SAN DIEGO, California – “Boy Meets Girl” is an original and unique story that blurs all gender and sexual orientation lines. The movie opens FilmOut San Diego’s 16th annual LGBT Film Festival on Friday, May 30.

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THEATER REVIEW: “Old Jews Telling Jokes”

The news lately has been alternately scary, disgusting and head-shakingly nutty. At times like this, it’s good to forget all that and kick back with a quintet of “Old Jews Telling Jokes,” onstage through May 25 at the Lyceum Theatre.

It’s Borscht Belt night in this 90-minute jokefest touching on birth, courtship, marriage, death and those little annoyances in between (like doctors and rabbis).

“Old Jews Telling Jokes” is the brainchild of Daniel Okrent and Peter Gethers, who were inspired by the series of jokes on the website of the same name.

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DJ Will Z makes "Out at the Fair" official

SAN DIEGO -- The last time Will Zakrajshek was featured by San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, he was discussing his performances as DJ Will Z at local hot spots around town. Yet spinning top 40s and electronic dance music is just one aspect of Will’s fascinating résumé. He is also, along with his partner, the founder of “Out at the Fair” which will take place Saturday, June 14 at Del Mar Fairgrounds.

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Those adorable gaybies!

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- The perpetually growing trend of offspring between same-gender couples, affectionately dubbed “gaybies,” is actively modifying the face of the American family. Thanks to advances in the scientific and medical community, particularly here in sunny California, in vitro fertilization and egg freezing are becoming more accessible and viable options for LGBT parents.

However, IVF and egg freezing within the LGBT community are topics that remain largely underrepresented in the news.

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THEATER REVIEW: “Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure”

The game’s afoot one last time at Coronado Playhouse, as everybody’s favorite sleuth tries to solve a blackmail case before bidding farewell to his long and storied career.

“Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure,” Steven Dietz’s mashup of two Holmes stories (“A Scandal In Bohemia” and “The Final Problem”) gets a lively production through May 18, directed by Nick Reeves. The play won the 2007 Edgar Award for the best play in the mystery genre.

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Community Profile: HRC is needed more than ever, local activists say

SAN DIEGO – As a local branch of the nation's largest LGBT civil-rights organization, HRC San Diego is a diverse congregation of volunteers who dedicate their time to amplify the presence of Human Rights Campaign and drive change in our community.

They are a force for positive action – working toward a society wherein LGBT Americans are able to secure equality and find a welcoming embrace at home and in the community.

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Community Profile: Paintings and perspectives of Clarione Gutierrez | VIDEO

SAN DIEGO -- Versatile, multi-medium artist Clarione Gutierrez impresses audiences and buyers alike, showing prowess in graphic design, caricatures, fashion and his Launch Live Art, a local booking and contracting agency.

Born and raised in sunny San Diego, Gutierrez has a seemingly inherent knack for the visual arts, part of which he jokingly attributes to a trip to the renowned San Diego Zoo. But his versatility transcends the title of “artist,” as his talent is as engaging live as it is in a studio.

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