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Observing MLK Day

SAN DIEGO, California -- The staff members of Hale Media -- San Diego Gay & Lesbian News and SD PIX magazine -- are observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday in honor of the civil rights leader.

We will be publishing a limited number of stories today on our news website SDGLN.

Thank you for supporting us and making SDGLN the most-read LGBT news source in San Diego.

BREAKING! SCOTUS to review taking marriage cases from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee

WASHINGTON DC -- The U.S. Supreme Court indicated today that it would consider hearing the same-sex marriage cases from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee during its private conference set for Friday, Jan. 16.

Most court observers believe that the justices will take up the marriage issue this term, which concludes at the end of June.

The court's decision on whether to take up any marriage cases could be announced later on Friday, but more likely first thing on Monday morning.

Earlier today, the high court released its orders and none of the marriage cases were on the docket.

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Is today the biggest day ever for gay marriage?

WASHINGTON, DC – Friday could be the biggest day ever for gay marriage in the United States.

This morning, the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court will huddle in private conference to consider petitions before them, including a number of same-sex marriage cases that could determine, for once and forever, whether marriage rights will become legal for all Americans.

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The tragic death of Leelah Alcorn: How her mother is my mother, and maybe yours

Leelah’s mother Carla Alcorn is my mother.

Figuratively speaking.

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Abused, homeless and gay: Hurdles don't stop him from achieving success

SAN DIEGO, California -- Gabriel Bristol was born into a poor family, filled with neglect and abuse. Oftentimes his injuries were so bad that he was kept home from school. His life seemed destined to become tragic and misguided, and for a time it was. But Bristol is now the CEO and president of a company in San Diego that is changing the way employees are treated, and it is all because of the misfortunes that plagued him in his youth.

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ACLU to fight "religious freedom" movement

NEW YORK -- ACLU officials say the civil-rights group is tweaking and relaunching its #Out4Freedom campaign to fight "religious freedom" bills that are designed as licenses to discriminate.

The #Out4Freedom campaign has been used to build support for marriage equality nationwide, but will now be expanded to spread awareness of the discriminatory nature of the so-called "religious freedom" bills.

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Heat Bar & Kitchen's new mixologist is raising spirits

SAN DIEGO, California -- Tending bar doesn’t necessarily mean one is a bartender, and mixing drinks doesn't necessarily mean one is a mixologist. Ryan Andrews can tell you the difference because he considers himself both a bartender and a mixologist.

Recently nominated as the Most Appreciated Bartender in America, Andrews opens up about his life, his work and what it takes to create a signature cocktail in an interview with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News.

Johnathan Hale saves little dog from the pound

SAN DIEGO, California -- Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale saved a little dog from going to the pound on Wednesday, and her owner is very grateful.

Hale said he noticed a Yorkshire terrier named Sesame tied to a railing outside Baja Betty's, sitting in the light rain, just as a parking-enforcement officer was calling the pound to come and collect the pet. The officer was having a parked car with an expired registration towed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

SAN DIEGO -- The staff members of Hale Media -- San Diego Gay & Lesbian News and SD PIX -- wish you a very happy Thanksgiving weekend.

We will not be publishing Thanksgiving Day through Sunday to allow our staff members to spend quality time with their families and loved ones.

We give thanks to you for supporting us and making our media organization the most-read LGBT news source in San Diego and beyond -- with a global readership reaching 200 countries and territories.

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Tom Reise, unsung hero of San Diego's LGBT community

SAN DIEGO, California -- Some LGBT San Diegans might not know about Tom Reise, but after learning what he does for the community, one might wonder why they don’t.

Reise is a local philanthropist who as co-trustee of the estate of Dr. Fritz Klein helps fund many important LGBT programs in San Diego. From the arts to drug treatment, Reise's largesse benefits the community, but he seems happy to fly under the radar.

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