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Residents move into LGBT senior living village in Palm Springs

There are 24 units at Stonewall Gardens on North Palm Canyon. Formerly a motel, the new facility welcomes pets and features a barbecue, outdoor seating, a game room and gourmet meals, while providing around the clock care to meet the needs of residents.

COMMENTARY: Sequestration will leave our seniors hungry

For the low-income seniors served food by Senior Community Centers in San Diego, sequestration means a cut of 32,000 meals in the coming year.


Tom Kirkman is a volunteer extraordinaire! Whether he is working as an usher at the monthly FilmOut San Diego screenings, tending bar at The Diversionary Theatre, or helping with San Diego LGBT Pride activities, Kirkman lends a hand whenever a community group needs it.

Mother's Day and Father's Day can be lonely for many in our community

If you or someone you know feels as though Mother's Day or Father's Day may be hard to get through, consider these ideas to help cope with the difficult emotions brought on by the reminder of your parents' or children's absence.