South Coast Repertory

Theater Review: "The Roommate"

Tessa Auberjonois and Linda Gehringer in South Coast Repertory's 201​7 ​production of ​The Roommate.

Back when I was 50-some, I wrote a poem about the way women magically seem to become invisible when they hit the big five-oh.

Now playwright Jen Silverman has picked up that theme and created a one-act two-hander about two women in just that situation.

Theater Review: 'Office Hour'

The production benefits from fine production works by Elizabeth Harper, Peter Bayne, and Alex Jaeger.

“Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.”

Remember when teaching was considered a safe, secure job mocked by engineering majors and wannabe entrepreneurs with the above slogan?

THEATER REVIEW: South Coast Repertory takes on “The Trip To Bountiful”

South Coast always shines in production values, and this is no exception. Thomas Buderwitz’s dark, cramped apartment set gives way in the second act to the wondrous crumbling old house in Bountiful that supplies the best visuals of the play.