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COMMENTARY: The hypocrisy of the United States and the beating of war drums

The politicians of the United States of America are such an arrogant group of people. To believe that we have the right to go and kill people for using chemical weapons is just so stupid, and to try and convince us that it’s a mission of mercy – well, that’s even more stupid.

I mean we Americans can be naïve, but all one has to do is look at history to understand that we have no right -– no right what-so-ever -- to be standing on the bully pulpit of injustice.

Report from Syria: Men, women and children sexually assaulted in detention, raids

NEW YORK -- Syrian government forces have used sexual violence to torture men, women and children detained during the current conflict. Witnesses and victims also told Human Rights Watch that soldiers and pro-government armed militias have sexually abused women and girls as young as 12 during home raids and military sweeps of residential areas.

Why is Sweden deporting asylum seekers back to Syria?

Sweden is continuing to try to remove Syrian asylum seekers, despite the appalling human rights situation in that country.

The attempted removals have led to protests by opposition Social Democrats.

Four Social Democrat leaders wrote to the the Svenska Dagbladet daily:

In Syria, "anti-regime gay people" are being "hunted"

Editor's note: This blogger for Gay Middle East gives a glimpse into the dangers faced by LGBT Syrians during the unrest.

It has been very dangerous to form any kind of gathering in Syria since the spark of the protests last March. Gay Syrians had avoided cruising and gathering for a few weeks before they started to become more aware of the best places and times for such actions.

Gay reporters/bloggers face danger as Syrian crackdown intensifies

DAMASCUS, Syria -- Gay Middle East's Syrian Editor Sami Hamwi has been reporting for the website as that country descends further into a massive government crackdown on any opposition.

Today it has been reported that Syria is using Iranian tactics and shutting down electronic avenues for activists to communicate with each other and with the outside world.

A gay eye on Syrian unrest: Six weeks of protests, bloodshed, danger

Editor's note: This first appeared on and is reprinted with permission of GME Executive Editor Dan Littauer.

It was Good Friday, 22nd of April 2011, whilst I was trying to follow the news about the protests following the day Mr. Bashar al Assad announced lifting the 48 years state of emergency, I heard the great loud voice of protesters passing in front of my building “Listen Bashar, Syrian blood is not for sale.”