After the Arab Spring, no bloom for Arab LGBT rights

Mounir Baatour, the leader of one of Tunisia’s secular opposition parties, was arrested in March for having sex with a man.

The Tunisian authorities subjected Baatour to a “rectal examination” to verify the charges purported by staff at a Tunis hotel that he had committed the “illegal act” in the hotel spa. He was sentenced to three months in prison for breaking the law against sodomy, and the prosecution has since appealed for an even longer sentence.

Bel Ami porn stars’ lawsuit against gay cruise line dismissed

A lawsuit by Bel Ami Online, a European company known in the gay community for its line of porn videos featuring extremely young actors, and RSVP, an American company specializing in all-gay charter cruises, was dismissed by a federal judge in Los Angeles last week.

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RGOD2: “If I were a rich man” ... I could change the world

With the music of “Fiddler in the Roof” playing in the back of my head, this week I have been dreaming about what we could do with $1.5 million to win global equality.

My international network of friends has been working on a three-year grant proposal focusing on the intersection of LGBT oppression with HIV. For every person we place on life-saving medications (ARV’s), two people become newly infected somewhere on Earth. Meanwhile, draconian laws remain on the books of 76 countries where it is illegal to serve criminalized populations including LGBT people.

Tunisia rejects UNHRC recommendation to decriminalize gay sex

TUNIS, Tunisia -- Tunisian minister of human rights, transitional justice and spokesman of the Tunisian government, Samir Dilou has rejected a recommendation by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to decriminalize same-sex acts, stating that sexual orientation was a western concept which is incompatible with Islam, Tunisian culture and traditions.

In Tunisia, Gayday Magazine attacked by homophobic hackers

TUNIS, Tunisia -- Wednesday, homophobic hackers attacked Tunisia’s main LGBT title, Gayday Magazine, taking over its email, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

This comes after several previous attacks which hacked Gmail, Twitter and the main site, renaming account titles to "Garbage Day Magazine."

These attacks take place at the height of an international campaign of which Gayday Magazine is a part, to raise awareness about the massacre of emo and gay people in Iraq.

No free speech for gays, Tunisia's human rights minister says

(Editor's note: This story first ran in Pink News in the United Kingdom. Dan Littauer, a frequent contributor to SDGLN, is Executive Editor of Gay Middle East.)

TUNIS, Tunisia -- Tunisia’s human rights minister has attacked an online gay magazine while being interviewed by homophobic TV presenter Samir El-Wafi.

Minister Samir Dilou said "freedom of expression has its limits" and agreed homosexuality was a "perversion" which needed to be ‘treated medically’.

Gay Tunisians speak out about fears on direction that country is headed

(Editor's note: The author and Tusisia-Live has given SDGLN permission to republish this article.)

TUNIS, Tunisia -- The socio-political upheaval Tunisia has undergone since the revolution has led many Tunisians to question their place within this new society – Tunisia’s often un undiscussed LGBT community is no exception to this uncertainty.

While the fall of Ben Ali has afforded a greater space to free expression, not all Tunisian LGBT people are convinced things are headed in the right direction.

Gay sex video embroils Tunisia’s Interior Minister in scandal

Tunisia’s interior minister, Ali Larayedh, has been embroiled in controversy and scandal as a leaked video allegedly shows him in gay sex while serving time in prison. This scandal has outraged and inflamed public opinion regarding homosexuality which was already jittery due to the electoral political tactics that used sexuality in order to discredit various opponents. Gay Middle East explains and investigates.