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Change.org petition to SANDAG: “Keep University Ave. open”

SAN DIEGO, California -- An anonymous group calling itself Keep University Avenue Open continues to seek support for its Change.org petition to the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), urging the government body to resist closing a stretch of University Avenue through Mission Hills that leads into Hillcrest.

The petition reads:

"Mission Hills will be land locked with limited ingress and egress if University Avenue is closed in our area. Any new bicycle proposal should keep our roadways accessible for all types of transportation because students, visitors, businesses, and residents all need to be able to get in and out of our neighborhood. Closing down University to through traffic will create more traffic congestion and exhaust fumes and is the wrong way to increase bicycle ridership."

SANDAG has recommended the closure as part of the Uptown Regional Bike Corridors Project, and has become highly controversial and has essentially become a Battle royal over bicycles: Hillcrest vs. Mission Hills.

More than 160 people had signed the petition as of noon Monday, and several have expressed concern about how rerouting traffic on busy Washington Street could negatively impact emergency vehicles trying to get to two major hospitals in Hillcrest.

Other petition signers worried about the impact on Hillcrest's restaurants and other businesses.

To see the petition, click HERE.

To see the group’s Facebook page, click HERE. As of noon on Monday, the page has 199 likes.