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Who Is Connie Frisbee? Lonnie Frisbee Wife



Who Is Connie Frisbee Lonnie Frisbee Wife

The name Lonnie Frisbee is famous in world history. He is one of the most influential persons in the evangelical movement. Frisbee was an American evangelist and a hippie preacher of the early 1970s Jesus People Movement.

Lonnie Frisbee: Evangelist Or Hippie Preacher

Lonnie Frisbee was born and brought up in Southern California. He described himself as a “seeing prophet” in the late 1960 and 1970s. His appearance was notable and maintained a hippie appearance throughout his life.

Lonnie Frisbee Evangelist Or Hippie Preacher

According to his brother, Frisbee’s early life is not as good as ordinary kids. He has to face several problems including a sexual assault by a male babysitter at the age of eight. The term ‘power evangelism’ is closely associated with Frisbee and the word derives from Frisbee’s ministry.

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He inspired many prophetic evangelists including Jill Austin, Jonathan Land, Marc Dupont, and others.  Apart from his achievements, his personal life is filled with thorns and many controversies. Frisbee passed away on 12 March 1993 at the age of 43. The media claim that the cause of death is due to AIDS.

Who Is Connie Frisbee?

People who are familiar with Lonnie Frisbee might have heard about Connie Frisbee. Connie was the ex-wife of Lonnie Frisbee. Her details are not available on Wikipedia. However, she is famous for his ex-husband, Lonnie Frisbee. Similar to her ex-husband, Connie is also from California, USA. she has a vital role in Lonnie’s life. Lonnie found her dearest wife amidst searching for peace in his life. 

According to sources, Connie ran away from her home at the age of 13. She had horrible childhood memories similar to her ex-husband. She revealed a bitter moment in her life in an interview. She said that her mother beat her naked when she was 13. She had an alcoholic mother and a drug-addict stepfather.

The horrendous circumstance prompted her to flee from home and went to another city where she was involved in the trafficking of drugs. She was famous among the motorcycle gang. On her journey, she met Frisbee in Silverado Canyon, California in the 1960s.

Connie Frisbee-Lonnie Frisbee Wife

She was addicted to almost drugs like LSD and Marijuana. Similar to her ex-husband, she became a hippie and the circumstance where she grew up made her evolve into a new person. She made a friendly approach to Frisbee. They had a lot of things in common and shared their interests. The common factors among the couple help to develop their relationship into marriage. The couple married in 1971 and have three children.

She was the supporting system of Frisbee who traveled with him in his preaching endeavors. She played an essential role in her husband’s ministry. She was an active member of the Jesus People Movement.

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However, they couldn’t lead a married life long as the lady got involved with another man while being his wife to Frisbee. Some media claim that some of the difficulties such as Frisbee’s struggle with infidelity and homosexuality led to divorce. They got separated in 1973. Connie relocated to San Fransico after her divorce.

No media hasn’t specifically mentioned Connie’s age. But judging her appearance seems to be in her late 70s. The lady is not interested in publicity. Therefore, there is little information is known about Connie Frisbee. Some sources claim that Connie remarried a pastor after separating from Frisbee in 1973.

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