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What Is Citrulline? Everything You Need To Know!




One of the main amino acids which carry a lot of functions altogether is Citrulline. Amino acids together are considered one of the essential pillars of life.

These are vital molecules that combine and form proteins that are necessary to break down food, support growth, repair damage, revitalize body tissue (mentioned in red boost), and provide adequate support to healthy body functions. It is naturally produced in the body in the liver and small intestine and is often available in the body

Is Citrulline Good For Your Health?

If you wonder what citrulline is, it is one of the three dietary amino acids that support the urea cycle. It is usually referred to as L-citrulline, which is actually a non-essential amino acid. It is non-essential because the human body makes it on its own. 

Citrulline Good For Body Health

Citrulline is also commonly found in watermelon, pumpkin, and squash, and it is known as a non-proteinaceous amino acid that enhances cardiovascular health, vasodilation, and various other aspects of health.

It is synthesized in the gut from glutamine to get released in the blood to support numerous bodily actions. 

Importance Of Citrulline

Even though the main purpose of amino acids is to build proteins, it does not provide this function. However, it directly supports the urea cycle, so that your body can easily get rid of toxins, impurities, and other harmful residues through urine.

To make it clear, it flushes out dangerous substances especially ammonia to promote the smooth functioning of your body. 

Ways In which Citrulline Benefits Your Body

  • Supports Vasodilation: Citrulline widens your blood vessels which are known as vasodilation, to support muscle building. 
  • Improves Athletic Performance: It easily gets converted to arginine, acting as a vasodilator that improves blood flow, this way your strength notably improves, while reducing the chance for fatigue and muscle soreness. 
  • Boosts Energy: It increases the amount of oxygen in the muscle tissue, supporting your energy and endurance. It also supercharges your nitric oxide metabolism for better energy production. 
  • Benefits The Urea Cycle: This amino acid is an important intermediate of the urea cycle and facilitates the detoxification process associated with it.  
  • Enhances Cardiovascular Health: By improving vasodilation, it reduces blood pressure while improving blood flow. 

Other Benefits Promoted By Citrulline

  • Reduces Stomach Discomfort And Heartburn
  • Promotes Blood Pressure  Control 
  • Aids In Nitric Oxide Synthesis 

Citrulline And Male Sexual Health 

While assisting various aspects of your health, citrulline also greatly supports male sexual health in multiple ways. To begin with, it promotes the healthy flow of oxygen and nutrients rich blood towards the pelvic area, especially the genitals.

When there is a healthy blood flow towards the penis, there will be reduced symptoms of ED, and similar other conditions. It also helps you maintain healthy, harder, and lasting erections like Tongkat Ali

At the same time, it also boosts the production of nitric oxide in the body. This also reduces ED and boosts sexual performance while stimulating the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone. Moreover, citrulline provides better relaxation to your pelvic muscles to enhance their performance as well. 

Final Words

Unlike other amino acids, Citrulline is non-essential and produced in the body itself in the liver and small intestine as well. It mainly contributes to vasodilation and the urea cycle, for optimal blood flow and enhanced detoxification effects together.

It is often taken as a supplement to support various aspects of health, especially male sexual health and performance.  

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