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Project Platinum Reviews – Can This 6-Week Masterclass Help To Generate Commissions?



Project Platinum Reviews

Have you ever thought about the possibilities of affiliate marketing by which you can earn huge sums of profit in commissions? Or, do you wish to have some sorts of passive income that can make you financially and emotionally stable and independent? If it sounds like a ‘yes’ deep inside you, the next thing you need to do is check out this Project Platinum review. 

Project Platinum Reviews – A 3-Step AI Powered System That Is Generating $19,118.35 Per Day In 2023!

In contrast to traditional beliefs, ‌current marketing trends bring a wide range of opportunities online that anyone can use to achieve financial freedom. The best benefit that comes with affiliate marketing is getting a chance to work flexibly anywhere, leading an active business without having to keep inventories. But what if you get a chance to learn everything about this field through the #1 affiliate marketer? This is what the ClickBank Project Platinum program is all about. 

Launch Details
Project Platinum Masterclass

Project Platinum


Project Platinum is a full 6-week masterclass on the most up-to-date strategies to promote Clickbank products on Facebook and Youtube. With this, students are also introduced to a brand new AI-driven software that makes running ads practically automated along with a ton of additional bonuses that will increase results and conversions.

Coming to this Project Platinum review, here, we combined every aspect of the program to provide you with a step-by-step analysis of the affiliate marketing program. Since it is written after comprehensively researching all about it. So, let’s proceed to learn the program completely and see how beneficial it could be if you follow it. 

Project Platinum Review

What Is Project Platinum?

Project Platinum is a 6-week masterclass by Robby Blanchard on affiliate marketing that aims for affiliates to train simple but cutting-end strategies and earn at least $1,000 every day on commissions.

This course is designed as a three-step system that allows you to make money online even without a website, email list, or product. Project Platinum masterclass is composed after sweeping research on the most profitable affiliate marketing tricks that can help students to make thousands of dollars every day sitting idle. Besides, it comes after testing these potential techniques on thousands of students. 

Project Platinum Program

This Project Platinum launch in 2023 is all about helping people reach Platinum on Clickbank, which means doing over $250,000 online in one year. The creator, Robby Blanchard, will also provide a software suite built entirely using A.I. technology.

This training program enables you to become a successful ClickBank affiliate and requires no prior online experience from your side. Besides, learning through Project Platinum, a digital marketing training system lets you have financial freedom and earn the highest figures in commissions during leisure.  

Launch Timeline….. [Important Dates To Remember]

The Prelaunch Kicks off on22nd of March, 2023
Prelaunch Contest StartsWednesday, March 22, 2023
Prelaunch Contest EndsSunday, March 26, 2023
Main Launch Dates:March 27, 2023 – April 6, 2023
Cart opens:Monday, March 27, 2023, 11am EST
Webinar 1Monday, March 27th – 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm EST
Encore Webinar 1Tuesday, March 28th – 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm EST
Replay Webinar 1Wednesday, 29th
Webinar 2 Thursday, March 30th – 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm EST
Encore Webinar 2Friday, March 31st – 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm EST
Replay Webinar 2Saturday, April 1st
Q&A MasterclassSunday,  April 2nd – 12 pm, 3 pm, 9 pm EST
Replay Q&A MasterclassMonday, April 3rd
Final CallThursday, April 6th – 12 pm, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm EST
Cart closes:Thursday, April 6th, 11:59pm PST

Project Platinum Program Time

Click Here To Attend Project Platinum Program

About Robby Blanchard

Robby Blanchard is the mentor of the Project Platinum online program and CEO of Blanchard Media. Known as the #1 Affiliate Marketer in the world, he coordinates all he has learned and pioneered to help as many people succeed in affiliate marketing and earn millions of dollars down the road. 

Project Platinum Creator

How Does Project Platinum Help Make Money?

ClickBank provides great affiliate marketing opportunities to make money online, which you can make use of to earn higher profits in commissions through Facebook. But, to proceed with this concept, you need to use appropriate strategies and techniques which you have no idea about at all.

So, Project Platinum works by helping you with exact tips and methods to succeed in affiliate marketing, and you will be trained by #1 Clickbank affiliate marketer, Robby Blanchard. 

With this online program, you will learn how to earn commissions the easiest by promoting others’ products online, through a simple 3-step system. Implementing this proven and profitable 3-step system can psychologically force people to buy your offers, and with each purchase, you will be paid a commission helping you make huge sums down the line.

By getting time-bound training with Robby Blanchard on Project Platinum, you can become a pro and earn money making use of endless proposals including Facebook ads, sitting within the comfort of your home.

$250K Platinum Platinum Playbook

This free platinum playbook is a powerful new suite of A.I driven software that can convert hours of work into minutes. This interactive workshop covers a 3 step system that allows you to generate up to $250,000 per year online. In this live workshop, you can see a live demo of making sales online. 

Click Here To Access Project Platinum Masterclass

What Is Included In The Project Platinum Program?

Project Platinum’s 6-week training course is a highly beneficial program that can help anyone to succeed in affiliate marketing and make money online. Providing step-by-step training to make you all aware of the most profitable techniques in affiliate marketing do this. Besides, the AI-controlled system has pillars that together allow you to earn four figures every day in profits constantly. 

Here are the various segments you will learn while choosing Robby Blanchard’s Project Platinum masterclass. 

Project Platinum Components

Component #1: 6-Week Platinum MasterClass

Through this 6-week cutting-edge training, you will become an expert in online business. The master class will provide you with the necessary tools, strategies, and training to harness the best results in your business. 

Component #2: 12 Months Access to Project Platinum A.I Software

This component of the program will provide you with 12-month access to Project Platinum AI Software. This will help you to create and set up ads within 30 seconds. It will also enable you to find hidden buyers that can triple your profits. 

Component #3: Money Magnet Traffic Training

This part will teach you the secrets to driving profitable traffic to your offers. You will learn how to scale up your ads on different platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. 

Component #4: $250k Elite Platinum Offers

This component will teach you how to choose a winning offer. Through this, you will be paid the highest commissions and can reduce the time wasted researching low-quality products. 

Component#5 Project Platinum Coaching Group

This is a private coaching group where you can clear your doubts and connect with like-minded people. You will learn the tips to make huge success through online business. 

Component #6: Figure Platinum Case Studies

Figure Platinum Case Studies will provide you with real success stories of some people who used Project Platinum. You can learn from these case studies to model your own success. 

Component #7: Instant Scale Training

This component will train you to scale your business in an upward direction. It will include tricks and tips to scale fast and go from $500 to $5,000 per day. 

Features Of The Project Platinum Online Program

Project Platinum training system is an entirely different, nearly done-for-you approach that you can follow to make money online from anywhere, at any time. Here are the highlights you will find impressive regarding the program.  

  • The #1 ClickBank affiliate in the world introduces the online program   
  • It revolves around a simple 3-step system that anyone can follow
  • The Project Platinum program provides done-for-you landing pages to which you can plug in and start earning money
  • A minimum of $1,000 in commissions every day
  • The creator shares his personal million-dollar Swipe file of ads that worked for him and with which he made tons of money
  • Includes proved techniques and strategies in affiliate marketing 
  • The digital program covers ​Complete Facebook Ads training that can turn you into a Facebook ads pro
  • Project Platinum system lets you have true financial and emotional freedom
  • You can use this system to catapult your commissions and bank account through affiliate marketing

Click Here To Get Access To The Project Platinum Training Program

Robby Blanchard’s Project Platinum Masterclass – Who Is It For?

Being a step-by-step program, ClickBank Project Platinum online course addresses all categories of people who are looking for the exact opportunity to step into the world of affiliate marketing or those who want to have a regular and active source of income.

It does not require any specific qualifications, skills, or previous experience to start with, but all you need is an interest in online marketing and an entrepreneurial spirit. So, whether you are a newbie or an aspiring affiliate marketer, this Project Platinum membership can help you learn all the #1 tricks to earn huge sums of affiliate commissions.

Project Platinum- Pros And Cons To Take Note On

Analyzing the Project Platinum training program from the top to the bottom, you will find a list of features that it possesses.

Below listed the pros and cons of the masterclass so that you can get to know the system better before planning to give it a try. 

Project Platinum
Project Platinum Masterclass


  • Simple and easy to follow 
  • Does not require prior experience
  • You don’t have to own any business, website, or even a product
  • It lets you have a passive but significant income that lets you earn hundreds of dollars while on leisure
  • You can work from anywhere 
  • Guaranteed results 


  • Access to the program is limited only to the official website
  • There is no refund policy included 

Is Project Platinum AI-Controlled System Legit?

Discussing the legitimacy of the Project Platinum program and seeking evidence on it, you can find certain details that support it. To begin with, Robby Blanchard, the #1 affiliate marketer in the world, created the program. 

Blanchard also promises that he aims to provide ‌users with effective training and make as much as people aware of the proven strategies that helped him to earn millions of dollars online. The creator also made hundreds of people succeed in making huge commissions and also guarantees complete results and satisfaction for those who are planning to enroll in it. 

Project Platinum Student Stories

Project Platinum Pricing Details

If you wish to have a passive income and earn a minimum of $1,000 every single day through affiliate marketing, Project Platinum’s 6-week masterclass lets you learn how to make it possible. The total cost of this beneficial program is $2,497.

You can either pay in full or in three installments of $997 that come apart in 30 days.

Project Platinum Package

This includes all seven modules and the bonuses that come along with the program.

Click This Link To Access The Project Platinum Masterclass

Project Platinum Availability

The ultimate source where you can get access to the Project Platinum online program is its official website.

So, even if you search for it on any other websites or other sources, the creators affirm that you will only find replicas. However, to get the exact training on proven affiliate marketing strategies from Robby Blanchard, it is ideal to enroll in this program through its original website.

Project Platinum Launch Dates

Project Platinum Bonuses

As you have seen earlier in this review, seven segments in this online training program can make you a successful affiliate marketer, while drawing millions in profits. At the same time, to help you succeed even better, this program also includes beneficial limited-time bonuses as follows. 

Project Platinum Bonuses
  • Bonus #1: Access to our next virtual event ($1,000 value)

Through this free ticket, you can attend our next virtual event to learn from experts. The event will make up of 2 full days of insider training where you will be coached and provided strategies to create 6 and 7 figure incomes. 

  • Bonus #2: YouTube 6 Week Masterclass

Along with the 6-week masterclass, you will get an additional 6-week class on YouTube. You will learn to use both Facebook ads and YouTube and cultivate the skills to double up the success. 

  • Bonus #3: Project Platinum Landing Page Builder

Through this bonus, you will get access to our free landing page builder software. This will enable you to build successful landing pages without much expense. 

  • Bonus #4: DFY 7 Figure Landing Page

So along with providing you access to landing page builder, this boonus will deliver you some of the best templates for your wevbsiet. You can plug in and experiment with them for the betterment of your business. 

  • Bonus#5: Full Access To Spy Hero

Using Spy Hero, you can find out what others are using to run ads on sites. With this information, you can create your own ads and stream it on Facebook and YouTube. This bonus will enable a full 30-day access to this research tool.

  • Bonus #6: Full Access to Cometly

Through this bonus you get access to Cometly, the tracking software. Its amazing features will train you to double up the money from your campaigns. 

  • Bonus #7: The Project Platinum App

This bonus enables you to use Project Platinum on the go. The custom build app will upgrade you to VIP levels and can be used from the comfort of your phone. It works for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Along with these bonuses, you also get access to some limited-time special bonuses when you join today.

The details of these are listed below: 

Project Platinum Special Bonuses
  • Special Bonus #1: Upgrade to a Lifetime Access to Project Platinum A.I Software

When you join today, you will get a lifetime upgrade to use the Project Platinum A.I Software.

  • Special Bonus#2: Platinum Celebrity Offer Access (Mike Tyson Offer)

Through this bonus, you will get access to offers backed by celebrities such as Mike Tyson. Project Platinum has partnership rights with offers from Mike Tyson, and you can be a part of this celebrity-endorsed offer when you join today. 

  • Special Bonus #3: Full Access to Commission Hero

This bonus enables you to join Commission Hero along with ‌access to Project Platinum. It will upgrade your membership to be a part of the Commission Hero. 

  • Special Bonus #4: Get a Vacation on Us

Through this bonus, you can celebrate the success of your online income with a vacation that is provided by Project Platinum. You will get access to this system from any part of the world.

Project Platinum Refund Policy

Understanding the Clickbank Project Platinum training program, you must be wondering what it would be like if it fails to have the desired impact on you or support your venture to make money online. If so, you don’t have to be skeptical or feel doubtful as the program comes with a complete guarantee of satisfaction with the impact it brings to you and makes you a successful affiliate marketer. 

At the same time, there are no refund policy clubs with this program while providing you with zillions of highly successful money-making opportunities. 

Project Platinum Reviews – Why We Suggest This Program To Increase Your Clickbank Income!

Concluding this Project Platinum review, let’s summarize the main ideas of this program on the surface. First of all, the 6-week masterclass comes with a simple three-step system that anyone can choose and follow to succeed in affiliate marketing and earn at least a few thousand commissions every day consistently. The program is made for all types of users who are looking for a passive income, and thousands of Project Platinum students have also suggested that the program is effective and works desirably. 

Robby Blanchard, the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world designs the Project Platinum training program. Through his program, he is spreading the knowledge of proven techniques that helped him succeed in this title, and fetch millions of dollars. The program requires no prior experience, and the creator promises complete satisfaction with the results it can bring to a multitude of users.

Counting all these features of the Project Platinum masterclass, it seems to be legit and reliable, and you can freely try to achieve financial and emotional freedom.

Access The Project Platinum Digital Program Here

Common Inquiries About Project Platinum

1. How can I benefit from the Project Platinum private Facebook group? 

The Project Platinum private Facebook group is a community of students and experts where you are free to ask questions and get feedback and support. 

2. Is it a full-time job for me to earn this much money every day?

Surprisingly the Project Platinum training sessions only take 2-3 hours every week. To make it work, all you need to spend is also 2-3 hours every day.

3. Can this program be used by those outside the US and Canada?

The program can be followed by anyone across the world since it is entirely online. 

4. Do I need to have any previous knowledge or experience?

You are free to get started with Project Platinum and learn from the basics to become a pro in affiliate marketing, and that does not require any period of experience. 

5. Where to get access to the program?

If you want to get access to the program and wonder where it is available, you can visit the official website and get enrolled since it is only where the creator provides access to the authentic Project Platinum program. 


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