Iceland is fine-tuning marriage-equality bill

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – The isolated island of Iceland is putting the finishing touches on a bill supporting marriage equality.

The liberal nation, which has a population of about 320,000, is already one of the most progressive in the world toward LGBT equal rights.

Iceland is the first nation in the world to have an LGBT person as head of state. Openly lesbian politician Johanna Sigurdardóttir became prime minister last year when voters supporting the Social Democrats and their partners, the Left-Greens, ousted the conservative Independent Party that had ruled for 18 years.

The Sigurdardóttir administration presented the bill to Parliament on March 23. The bill’s passage is expected soon, and same-sex marriage could become legal as early as June 27.

Sigurdardóttir and writer/playwright Jonina Leosdotttir entered into a registered partnership in 2002. The prime minister has two adult sons from an earlier marriage.

Iceland is in the northern Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and the Nordic countries of Norway and Sweden.

In other news, same-sex marriage is also being discussed in Portugal. Neighboring Spain already has marriage equality.

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