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LGBT Argentines push for Gender Identify Law

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Although many LGBT Argentines have been celebrating the passing of the Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption Law earlier this year, the transgendered members of this community know that there is still much work to be done towards full equality in Argentina.

The Gender Identity Law to enable individuals to change their gender on birth certificates, passports and other government identity cards has been stuck in Argentina's Senate since 2007. This leaves a whole segment of the LGBT community suffering during awkward situations where identity is required and the individual's gender no longer matches their expressed gender.

During the recent Buenos Aires Pride March on Saturday, Nov. 6, a new campaign called “Let's Go For More” was launched in an effort to exert pressure on the Senate to move forward with this important legislation.

This new slogan was the official theme of this year's Pride March as the organizers of Argentine Pride deemed it the next priority for lobbying efforts. Many people feel that this is the right time to lobby and try to capitalize on the current mood of the government where there exists a new edict of “it is OK to be gay.”

Several entrants in the Pride March contained references to the new campaign and during the pre and post March speeches it received much attention and applause. This is a similar situation to those experienced in other countries after same-sex marriage becomes legal there remains numerous other issues to be dealt with, hopefully while support can be found amongst politicians.

“The gay marriage law helped open the doors to discuss LGBT issues in Argentina,” Socialist Deputy Roy Cortina said. “And that is going to be beneficial for the Gender Identity Law.”

This law also needs to address the surname issues of children from same-sex marriage parents as to the use of both surnames.

Judging by the amount of recent support of this campaign from the over 100,000 people in attendance at the Pride March it may be a reality in Argentina sooner rather than later.

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Roy Heale, a freelance writer who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is SDGLN's South America contributor. He writes about LGBT issues from the Latin American continent. To read more stories by Roy Heale, visit http://www.royheale.blogspot.com/.