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Meet Dr. Marci Bowers, the first transgender woman to perform gender reassignment surgeries

Dr. Marci Bowers is a gynecologist renowned for being the first transgender woman to perform gender reassignment surgeries.

Bowers starred in "Transgender M.D.," a six-part docu-drama about her career as the only gynecologist in the small town of Trinidad, Coloradp.

Bowers recently relocated her practice to San Mateo, Calif., and performs over 200 gender reassignment surgeries per year.

In honor of Transgender Remembrance Day on Nov. 20, dot429 sat down with Bowers to discuss her experience as a professional transgender woman, transgender bullying, and the role of transgender people in today’s society.

What would you advise people to consider before going through with gender reassignment surgery?

Dr. Bowers: My advice is to take your time. There’s no rush to doing surgery. It’s going to be there. It’s not like the newest iPhone or Android. Usually, by the time people are ready to make a decision like that, they’ve felt that way for a long, long time.

Some people want to rush the transitional process, but you have to see surgery as almost irrelevant in your life. It should be almost an afterthought. I can’t emphasize enough the happiness people experience [after surgery], which has to do with the quality of the surgery but also the ability of the transitioner to live life normally.

Have you experienced or seen discrimination in your career due to being transgender?

Dr. Bowers: It’s a tremendous obstacle. As a transgender person, it’s often extremely difficult, and the workplace seems to draw out people’s deepest fears when it comes to discrimination.

My advice is to treat people nicely, no matter how low they are on the totem pole. I’ve seen people wonderfully treated during their transitional period by folks in some of the most conservative places in the country, whereas other transitioners have had a difficult time in seemingly liberal areas of the country.

There has been a lot of coverage on gay bullying in the past few months due to the recent suicides. Can you give us insight into any transgender bullying that people might not be aware of?

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