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Clothing designer Mondo Guerra: HIV does not define who I am

It is a "Happy World AIDS Day" for Mondo Guerra.

The young designer who made headlines for coming out HIV-positive on the hit Lifetime series "Project Runway" spoke with dot429. While en route to speak at the United Nations, Guerra weighed in on his decision to come out HIV-positive, the trials and tribulations he has experienced, and has advice for young people dealing with HIV.

After testing positive for HIV 10 years ago, while his boyfriend remained negative, Guerra says, "The first thing I felt was scared and then I worried and went into denial. I lost a lot of direction and didn't care about reaching my goals anymore. It was a lot of heartache. To be twenty-two years old and think you caused this to your family was hard."

Guerra is recognized as a an energetic and outspoken advocate for HIV/AIDS, he credits "Project Runway" and his passion for fashion with helping him to become the man he is today.

"'Project Runway' changed my life. I emotionally connected with myself and came out a different person. My decision to come out [HIV-positive] happened organically, it wasn't forced. I learned a lot about myself which allowed me to open up about being positive."

After years of being sick, in the hospital twice with pneumonia, and diagnosed with Kaposi Sarcoma, Guerra realized, "I had to make a conscious decision to have a positive outlook on life. I had to start caring about my health and other people. I had to get out of that low place and start setting goals."

Reconnecting with his creativity, "it got better" for Guerra, who found himself face-to-face with fashions most elite set - Klum, Kors and Garcia.

Guerra's vibrant designs wowed the judges on "Project Runway" and his advocacy for HIV/AIDS continues to wow the world.

"My creative life is the most precious thing to me besides my family."

Guerra has now partnered with Piperlime to create two exclusive, limited-edition T-shirts in honor of World AIDS Day.

The sale of each T-shirt benefits amfAR and continues to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Lending not only his fashion talent, but also his compassionate voice, Guerra has advice for anyone that tests positive for HIV: "Don't underestimate the power of unconditional love. HIV does not define who I am."

"Happy World AIDS Day" from Mondo Guerra & dot429.