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In Honduras, another LGBT person is brutally murdered

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TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras -- They beat him and burned his body in a suburb of Tegucigalpa. Crime adds to the long list of unpunished murders of LGBT people in the country.

A 23 year old Alexis Alvarado identified as Luis Hernandez was brutally murdered in the suburb of Comayaguela in Tegucigalpa, in what could be a hate crime motivated by sexual orientation of the victim.

According to local press, the crime took place in the neighborhood of Villa Union in the early morning hours and the victim was taken from his home by one or more persons who had abused him before hitting him with stones and burning his body. In addition to the lighter with which the fire started, police found two condoms at the scene of the crime.

So far, the neighbors said there was no noise or screams that alerted the event. Local media differ over whether the victim was a transsexual or a homosexual man. According to the newspaper La Tribuna, "the family said that although his brother was different sexual orientation was very dear."

For a couple of years, human rights organizations and LGBT activists have denounced a series of crimes against homosexuals in Honduras. In August this year, a witness theoretically "protected" was found dead after police declare under investigation for the murder of a transsexual woman.

In 2009, the killing of activist Walter Tróchez also brought condemnation from various organizations. Even the French government ruled towards the clarification of the crime.

In all cases, it is reported that since the coup occurred on 28 June last year the situation has worsened. The role of law enforcement, especially the police, has been questioned and their performance has led observers to believe in various degrees of complicity with the perpetrators.

LGBT Asylum News urges action today for LGBT asylum seekers and asks activists to encourage friends and contacts to visit website for details.

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