LETTER with ACTION ALERT: Become a “Koch-Buster”

Dear Friends:

This weekend in Rancho Mirage, Calif., the Koch brothers — key funders of California’s anti-environment Prop 23 as well as the Tea Party, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, and countless other right-wing organizations — will meet behind closed doors with other conservative power brokers. There, these billionaires and their elected officials will strategize on how to impose their right-wing agenda on the rest of us.

The Koch brothers usually try to meet in secret. Not this time. Hundreds of activists, good government advocates, and everyday Californians will gather in Rancho Mirage on Sunday to protest the semi-annual political cabal led by the billionaire Koch Brothers, and to launch “Koch-Busters,” a national campaign exposing the Kochs’ broad influence, nefarious tactics, and destructive impact on our lives.

Can you help us fund the Koch-Busters campaign by contributing today?

The Kochs’ semi-annual get-together is where billionaires and multi-national corporations meet in secret to plot their national political agenda. Past participants have included CEOs, media personalities like Glenn Beck, members of Congress and even Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas. And because of the Citizens United decision to allow virtually unlimited corporate spending on U.S. elections, this year’s meeting will have far-reaching effects on every community and every individual in America.

That’s why we’re launching Koch-Busters. The Koch-Busters campaign is designed to educate Americans about who the Koch brothers are, how their growing political influence is undermining our democracy and America’s middle class, and what we can do about it.

That’s why your support is so important. Together, we’ll tell America the story of who is responsible for the right-wing corporate takeover of our government, and how we can fight back. Can you help us expand our reach by contributing today?

Thanks for all of your support,

Rick Jacobs
Courage Campaign

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