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Gay For Good seeking volunteers for Harvey Milk Birthday weekend service project in El Cajon

EL CAJON -- Gay For Good San Diego is looking for volunteers to join the group for its next monthly community service project taking place tomorrow, Saturday, May 21, in downtown El Cajon.

Working with the city's "Lend A Hand" project the group will join residents, business owners and other community members to remove trash and identify graffiti in an effort to clean up the streets in the area.

The Downtown El Cajon Community Development Corporation organizes these monthly cleanups to inspire active and motivated neighbors to define and direct lasting change in their neighborhoods.

Gay For Good (G4G), which has chapters in five cities across the nation, works to energize and mobilize the LGBT community to interact with city communities by volunteering time to various social welfare and environmental service projects.

The San Diego chapter selected this month's project as part of its "Harvey Milk Weekend" event and hopes that community members will volunteer their time to assist their efforts in East County.

Erik Swanson, one of G4G San Diego's steering committee members says that Harvey Milk's birthday weekend is a great time to get out and do something good for the community.

"What a great weekend to 'Lend a Hand'," posted Swanson. "Please sign up to volunteer with G4G's May event. Volunteering gives those 'happy-joy-joy' feelings that everyone loves so much! Thank you and Happy Birthday Harvey!"

G4G San Diego has been participating in community projects around the region since August 2010 and has engaged over 200 volunteers. The group has taken part in environmental projects like a habitat restoration, beach cleanup, and clearing out weeds and overgrowth in a community garden, and human services projects like assisting the San Diego Food Bank, and serving veterans and the homeless.

Monthly projects are announced via Facebook and online.

To RSVP for the event, create a free profile on G4G's website and sign-in to register.