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ACTION ALERT: Urge California lawmakers to take action on anti-bullying Seth’s Law

Seth's Law, the anti-bullying bill sponsored by GSA Network, is at risk. The Assembly Appropriations Committee will have its hearing on the bill in just two days -- and we need your help to keep this bill alive and make schools safer for LGBT youth!

Contact Speaker John Perez and Committee Chair Felipe Fuentes to move this bill out of committee. Tell them that the lives of many LGBT youth depend on this important bill.

Our leaders want to protect LGBT youth, but they are worried that they might have to strip the bill of some of its provisions to get it out of the committee. What this means is that the final bill might not require schools to intervene when they see bullying. It means that students who bully others might not receive counseling and be taught how to live peacefully with people who are different from them. And it means that school districts might not have to create clear complaint forms and increase notification to students of their right not to be harassed or discriminated against.

The fate of this bill is in our hands right now. Take action today! Tell Speaker Perez and Committee Chair Fuentes to keep these important protections in the bill.

California schools have paid out millions of dollars in settlements for lawsuits due to bullying. A report by the California Safe Schools Coalition has found that bullying costs our schools nearly $40 million each year due to bullied students skipping school out of fear. Students can't focus and learn when bullying disrupts their classrooms, or when classmates die by suicide because they can no longer live with the intimidation they face.

The bill's committee hearing is just two days away. Thanks to Equality California, there's a quick and easy way to take action now to keep Seth's Law alive and make our schools safer for all students.

Thanks for all you do for equality,

T. Aaron Hans
Advocacy Program Manager
Gay-Straight Alliance Network