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LGBTQ website to provide eye tests and glasses for homeless gay youth

When a trailblazer from the San Francisco Bay Area optical scene went about building an LGBTQ focused eyeglass site, camp became an understatement, and high design was all but blurred in a flurry of retro with a swish that makes Ru Paul look tame. It works. A great site and a not to be missed visit. However that is not all its creator cares about. The site has a grand purpose and its mission is much more insightful.

Designed to catch the fashion forward LGBTQI crowd, 33 year veteran optic expert, Patrick Fasano, merged boutique quality, great prices and an interactive experience with the emerging trend to serve and give back to community. A visit is a must, not just for all it has to offer the discerning LGBTQ patron, but also because each sale brings a young homeless gay youth closer to receiving a free eye exam and their own trendy pair of glasses, all free of charge. More about this program and specific homeless shelters involved will be announced early in 2014.

Honing unsurpassable taste from years in the stylish Marina and Castro shopping neighborhoods of San Francisco, Fasano, knows fabulous eyewear. GayEyeglasses.com offers over 300 styles of frames, plus its own special GayEyeglasses brand. Made from the highest quality Italian plastics and metals, the products are of the type and quality previously not available online or anywhere but high-end optical boutiques.

Fasano and his team are passing the no-bricks and mortar advantage of low overhead to online clients and so GayEyeglasses is able to provide top services and product at ridiculously low prices as well as the free glasses for homeless queer youth.

There is a look for all, accommodating the diversity of the LGBT community and so no matter one’s persona, be it Emo, Goth, Twink, Bear, Boy Toy, He/She, Silver Daddy, Fem, Butch, Tranny or Tranny Switchback, GayEyeglasses.com has it all and it is a click away.

Fasano noted in a recent visit to a neighborhood youth homeless center, that in preparing to provide homeless gay youth with full vision services, he hopes that GayEyeglasses.com will set the tone for community to come out to support its own:

“Being without one’s vision only exacerbates the extreme hardship of being homeless. LGBTQ youth make up a large percentage of homeless youth, as they are often kicked out of home by parents for being gay. I hope that this support of LGBTQ homeless youth inspires other online LGBTQ businesses, especially during the holiday season, to give some thought to supporting the most marginalized of our own community.”

The website can be found HERE.

(Editor's note: This post was originally published on Melanie Nathan's blog O-blog-dee-O-blog-da.)