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Roy Moore’s 20-minute bout with a CNN host — aka the death knell of the gay marriage fight

On gay marriage, it is all over but the shouting. But there will be some shouting.

Nothing proved that more this week than when same-sex marriage arrived in Alabama, which ultimately led to an epic and at times rambling 20-minute-plus conversation Thursday between Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and CNN's Chris Cuomo. It was repetitive, in the weeds, and in some ways futile, foreshadowing the type of framing at least some prominent conservatives will maintain as they keep up the fight against same-sex marriage.

Moore dubbed the whole thing a "federal intrusion in state sovereignty."

"No judge of the United States or federal district court has the right to invent the definition of marriage, which is not even contained in the United States Constitution," he said. "And that's the problem, we have people going in trying to mandate to the state of Alabama that the sanctity of marriage amendment in our constitution is wrong, and that's simply not right to do."

There were also references to slavery and segregation, recalling the South's last stands over "state's rights." Moore has become the poster boy for this issue among social conservatives, and while many national Republicans have retreated on the issue, he does have some company.

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